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Healthy Diet Plan: Foods to Eat and Avoid During Pregnancy

Nutrition is an important part of everyone’s life. All know that having healthy food at the right time is essential or good health and an active body. The irony is that everyone knows the fact but when it comes to practice almost half the population fails to follow. This is until one knows that she is pregnant. If you look at a woman, you can see the difference between sun and moon before and during pregnancy. This is because what you eat becomes the source of nutrition and energy for your baby. In this article let us exclusively list out what a woman should eat and avoid during pregnancy.

Some food facts for pregnant women

  • The intake of the calorie grows during pregnancy
  • The weight gain considerably differs based on various factors like pre-pregnancy weights and factors.
  • The ability to intake iron increases when a woman is pregnant along with the volume of blood. So she has to eat food that is rich in iron to increase the supply of oxygen to the baby.

Foods that you can consume

As aforementioned the mother should follow a balanced diet that is packed with all needed nutrients. Let us take a look at what the mother should consume daily.

Fruits and vegetable

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