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Recruitment Firms in Singapore: Bringing Together Job Seekers and Employers

The work of employment agencies is to bring together employees and employers with similar business goals. With increasing competition in the job market, it is important to rely on an employment agency to get you the best possible job. Companies do not have to waste time and energy screening through applicants. They can rely on these agencies to provide them with the best candidates for their company.

The main function of recruitment firms in Singapore is to source the most competent candidate for a vacant position in the company. The work of an employment agency is not limited to companies only. Homeowners who are on the lookout for maids, cooks, housekeepers or nannies can also avail the services of recruitment firms. This allows them to get the best possible individual for their household.

Here is how recruitment firms in Singapore help employers:

  • They carry out a preliminary screening of candidates. They are responsible for conducting background checks, getting proper information about the potential candidate, their place of residence, etc. They have to verify the authenticity of all the information provided by the candidate to them. 
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