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Read this explainer article before buying a commercial glasswasher for your restaurant.

An industrial glass washer, capable of cleaning and rinsing hundreds of glasses each hour, is essential for any business dealing with a significant volume of drink orders. Pubs, bars, clubs, and hotels are just a few of the establishments that require large amounts of glassware to be washed swiftly and efficiently.

A commercial glass washer, unlike dishwashers, is built specifically for glassware and combines speed, performance, and care to give gleaming results. However, there are a few things to think about before purchasing one for your bar. This article covers everything from a model, size, and load capacity to installation, water supply, and quality.

Glasswashers – what do you need to know

Glasswashers are convenient to store beneath countertops and have a quick wash pace. This enables you to place them close to your front of house or serving area for the fastest possible turnaround. At least two glasswasher racks per machine are suggested for optimal efficiency; while one is in the machine, the others may be loaded and ready for the next cycle.

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