Best Way to Rank Your Website Using SEO

The internet has not just been opening doors of success all across the globe but, has also helped the world reachable for all. However, in order to be found on the internet one needs to optimize their website presence and use the SEO tools to in the best manner to make their websites rank higher. 

In case, you are looking for one, here are some ways to rank your website, optimally with the help of search engine optimization (SEO)!

Search Engine Optimation (SEO)
Search Engine Optimation (SEO)

Ways to Rank Your Website Using SEO

Optimizing the ranking and rating for your website is equally essential to earn relative revenue out of it. There are several ways to amplify your website ranking using the various tools of search engine optimization (SEO) tools and techniques. 

Loading speed 

The very first thing one needs to work over is to amplify the loading capacity of the website. If the website loading speed tends to be slow, it automatically gives a bad impression to the site visitors along with linked damages for Google's algorithm. 

Many SEO agencies and bloggers have highlighted results corresponding to the site’s load speed. As suggested, if the corresponding load speed is more than 3 seconds, then 40% of visitors go back from the site and the relative site load factor falls under the Off-page SEO.

Using the different plugins and tools available on the internet, one can amplify the loading pace of the website. Always use a lighter theme, and don’t make your site too busy. 

Headings or header tags 

Header tags are one of the focal points for your website ranking. Heading tags, i.e. H1 heading, H2 heading, H3 heading and, etc. make a good impact in Google’s algorithm. 

So, with the proper usage of these respective headings, one can amplify their website ranking, and this helps your website comes under the On-page SEO.

If you don’t use these headings, your blog or site tends to look too busy, and the readers may also go back from your website. While the usage of headings help in making the website more comfortable and visible for the visitors to sail through and read the appropriate content on your website.  

Mobile friendly

This is another very crucial point of consideration in SEO. Research shows that 60% of Google searches are searched on mobile devices. In case your site is mobile-device friendly, then it makes a better impression in Google’s algorithm, and if your website is mobile-friendly, Google automatically ranks it higher.


One of the essential parts of SEO for increasing your website rank is backlinks. If you want to rank your site quickly, you need to create high-quality backlinks. There are generally two types of Backlinks -

  • Do-follow backlinks 

Do-follow backlinks are the links that create link juice or pass the authority from the referring site to the linked site.

  • No-follow backlinks 

No-follow backlinks are the links which are not able to pass the authority because it has tag rel=” no follow” in the HTML code of the site. 

Not only text

You need to add more than only text on the website. Use high-quality copyright-free optimized images and videos in your posts, too. Doing this increases the reader engagement rate and using a different type of media can help the corresponding site rank in a pacified form on Google. 

Thus, along with text, use different types of media content in your blog posts. 

Applying these SEO parameters wisely, you can pacify and improve your website rankings!


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