Composite Timber Decking - A Better Decking Alternative To Traditional Decking

Timber decking can be used in numerous ways, for example, to extend the living area around your house, as part of a garden landscape, or for around your pool. Deciding which type of timber to use can be somewhat intimidating if you are not clued up to what is available. For residential use, composite timber decking has become prevalent, and there are numerous reasons for that. 

What is Composite Timber?

Composite timber is a material made from reclaimed wood products such as sawdust, wood fibre, and chips, mixed with a blend of recycled plastic products. The composite material's quality will majorly depend on the type and the characteristics of the raw materials used while manufacturing it. These mixed ingredients ensure a durable and heavy wood that will not rot does not warp and does not need to be painted or sealed. When the manufacturers mix all these components, pigments and preservatives are added.

Different Types

Composite timber decking comes in two different forms, and these are solid and hollow. Solid decking is much heavier, and apart from that, it looks just like real wood. On the other hand, hollow decking has more of a human-made appearance. Solid decking will expand and contract depending on the temperature, whereas hollow decking will keep its shape.

Advantages of composite timber decking

It is highly durable and longevity

Composite timber decking is durable due to the combination of synthetic and organic materials, and one of the greatest benefits of choosing composite decking is longevity.

Withstands severe weather conditions

Real timber will expand and contract depending on weather conditions, will rot eventually, and must be stained and oiled. In contrast, composite timber decking is low maintenance and can withstand severe weather conditions without any protection or treatment.

Stains are added to the mixture during the manufacturing process, and this gives you the option to choose the shade and colour of your timber decking. You will no more worry about termites and other wood-eating bugs gnawing away at your beautiful patio deck. Splinters will also not be a problem.

Environmentally friendly

Composite decking is eco - friendly as it uses recycled plastic.

As seen above, composite timber floors are in fashion since they are eco- friendly, durable, and at the same time, malleable. It is believed that when falling on a timber floor, a person can not be injured. Floors in gyms, including for children, are always made of wood. And this is a huge plus in favour of timber floors. Besides, timber floors in the house are cheaper than concrete. 

The primary point that many people do not know about composite timber decking is that it is cheaper than wood flooring. This is entirely true. As a result, you can begin construction with composite flooring, which is slightly less expensive, without any problems and headaches in the future. 

To recap, you should entrust the composite timber decking services in Sydney, which are offered at a fair price. The experts are highly trained in installing composite flooring. Be sure to get a comfortable home!


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