Information About The Hearing Test And Hearing Aids In Engadine

General and physical health check-up must be done once in a year. It is recommended to clean the teeth twice in a year and you must do full exam routine once in a year. If you have eye-related problems then you must check your vision once in two years to find the adjustment. In this article let us discuss the details of the hearing test, the time duration, and the list of hearing aids in Engadine

Testing Vs Screening

Most people do not understand or confuse the terms of the hearing test and hearing screening. The hearing loss problem can be identified using screening. It determines the ability to hear different sounds in a different situation. The result of screening will be either pass or fail. If you pass the screening process then you do not have any hearing problem. If you fail in the screening process then you have to further detect the type of hearing problem and level of the problem. You must do a detailed test to know further information about the problem. You must do the hearing screening regularly. The next test is fully based on the screening result. 

Hearing screening process

For children:

Most physicians in Australia will do a screening test for the children as soon as they born because early detection will be very helpful. Before discharging the babies the first hearing screening will be done for them. The next hearing screening should be done for the kids on 2 years or maximum before 3 years. If you find that your baby is having a problem with their speech then they should be immediately screened. Since most of the children having a speech problem will also have a hearing problem. It is better to do another screening before they join the school for education. 

Hearing screening is performed every year in most of the schools if not you must take the kids to the regular physician for a normal check-up. If they find any hearing-related problem then they will direct you to the audiologist for further tests. 

For adults:

People between the ages of 18 to 50 must do hearing screening once in three years or a maximum of five years. Since the hearing problem happens gradually in most of the cases. In some cases like accidents, bomb blast and other sound-related accidents may happen suddenly. Finding the hearing problem at the early stage is very difficult when compared with other problems like the eye. So you must do the screening at the correct schedule. 

Time to meet an Audiologist in Engadine:

If you ask someone to repeat or if you find difficulty in hearing in noisy surroundings then you might have some hearing problem. If your friends or the family members inform you that you are listening to television or radio in a loud sound than the normal one then you must visit an audiologist in Engadine. Most people will not identify their hearing issues for many years. This will lead to a serious issue later so do regular screening and see an Audiologist if you notice some problem.


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