Do you believe in These Misconceptions about Timber Flooring?

When you are looking for the best flooring solution for their houses, there is no better choice than hardwood flooring. It is elegant, enhances property value and leads you to an eco-friendly living that you will never get in the plastic based vinyl flooring. 

Where the benefits are more than you can imagine, this type of flooring solution is not free from some misconceptions. People do believe in some misconceptions about timber flooring, and those are the factors that prevent them from getting the benefits of having the best timber flooring in Carlingford. So, what you need to do now is to unveil the truth lying beneath these hoods of misconceptions so that you can opt for this flooring by having the desired peace of mind.

“You Need to Bear a High Maintenance Cost for Timber Floors.”

Many people choose not to go with timber flooring thinking that they have to spend a ransom amount of money in the maintenance of timber flooring in Carlingford. However, the fact is not true at all. 

It is, however, true that you have to be a bit extra careful regarding water spills on the floor. Other than this, a regular swipe to clean up the surface dirt and weekly vacuuming will do the rest.

“Wooden Floors are excessively cold in winter.”

The truth is just the opposite of this widespread myth. The other flooring options, especially, tiles turn out to be extremely cold during winter. On the contrary, opting for timber flooring in Carlingford will let you feel a sense of warmth inside the room during the season.

“Timber Floors are not meant for Wet Areas.”

This is probably one of the most common misconceptions you have come across about timber flooring. However, there is not much truth in this statement. In recent times, many homeowners love to install timber flooring in their kitchen area.

Again, you just need to keep an eye on the water spills. You can choose to give a water-resistant coating or wax on the top of timber flooring in Carlingford to make sure the water does not get a chance to sit on the wood.

“Timber Floors are not Cost-effective.”

Another common misconception that has actually stopped a lot of people from getting hardwood floors in their house. Well, to be honest, it is a bit costlier than the other flooring options available in the market, and there are valid reasons behind that.

Be it the longevity or the elegant appearance; you can expect to get, timber flooring definitely fulfil all the criteria. Also, it enhances the property resale value. If it's going too far beyond your budget, it's better to go for engineered hardwood flooring which is much cost-effective compared to solid timber floors.


So, these were some of the most common misconceptions about hardwood floors which you need to stay away from. Choose the industry experts of timber flooring in Carlingford to make sure your investment is worth it, and you can enjoy the luxury of living around nature for a long time.


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