Advantages And Disadvantages Of Herbal Medicine

herbal medicine Dulwich hill
herbal medicine Dulwich hill

Herbal Medicine in Dulwich Hill is the treatment of diseases with the help of medicinal plants. It includes such critical concepts as herbal remedies and biologically active substances. Herbal remedies are the final product that is obtained in the process of processing plant material and is used to heal diseases.

As a material, a whole plant can be used, as well as its parts, essential oils or extracts. Biologically active substances are components that are found in plant cells. They are the main influencing elements that help to achieve the desired result during treatment. These are alkaloids, essential oils, flavonoids, organic acids, vitamins, glycosides, gums, and others.

The poorly studied phytotherapy is also explained by the fact that the fauna of the planet totals more than half a million varieties of medicinal plants, only half of which are described in books on medicinal herbs. The remaining half are poorly studied and used exclusively in traditional medicine. The availability of drugs and herbs eliminates the benefits of the pharmaceutical industry in Dulwich Hill.

Therefore, medicine is sceptical in medical facilities, and herbal preparations are non-profit and do not give a substantial income. At medical institutes, traditional medicine is studied very superficially or not studied at all, so most doctors are illiterate in this area and most often prescribe chemicals, being deeply convinced that herbal medicine remedies are ineffective and useless.

The benefits of herbal medicine in Dulwich hill:

  • To determine the method of treatment, you should know all the pros and cons of this method.
  • The main advantage of herbal treatment is its naturalness and environmental friendliness.
  • In the course of such treatment, practically no side effects appear. Herbs are entirely absorbed by our bodies, as we are also part of nature. The main thing is to use them correctly without violating the dosage and prescriptions.
  • Long-term use of phytotherapy does not harm the body, while pharmacological drugs are used in short courses and can cause dependence.
  • Herbal therapy is prescribed even to the smallest children since they very rarely cause allergic reactions and are easier to use in the form of decoctions, baths, or tinctures.

The disadvantages of herbal medicine

  1. The use of herbal preparations without proper advice or at your peril and risk can lead to a disastrous result. In the process of treatment, it is essential to use the exact amount of the drug. Otherwise, you can get poisoning, burns of the mucous membrane, the opposite effect, or severe deterioration.
  2. When taking medicines for herbs on your own, you must have sufficient experience, knowledge, and practical skills, as well as know-how to prepare the raw materials and how to make the product that you need from it.

Due to the gradual, balanced effect on the human body as a whole, herbal medicine in Dulwich hill express a therapeutic impact and significantly increase the body's resistance. They can trigger self-healing and renewal mechanisms at the cellular level, which makes it possible for a certain amount of time to establish the work of not only a diseased organ, but also the work of other life support systems.


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