Handy Tips to Maintain the Decking

These days, garden decking has turned out to be really popular and these look great while placed in the gardens. But the only problem with the decking in Blacktown is that these become grimy, green, ugly and dirty, and slippery post the winter season. It is because the outside of the timber decks get exposed to things like frost, snow, rain, and sunlight. This thing results in the deterioration of colors and other things. But with a simple deck maintenance routine, it is possible to get back to the deck in its earlier shape and color. Actually, it is better to clean the decks twice every year to maintain it in a healthy condition.

The routine includes a few steps that have three stages, namely cleaning, restoring and protecting the place. And the well-maintained decks can offer a range of benefits. So, if you want a completely refreshed deck or a fast cleaning, here comes a step-by-step instruction on maintaining a deck.

1. Scrape the loose finish off: Use a paint scraper to remove the opaque deck stain or the loose paint.

Scrape the damaged areas down to the bare wood

Sand every part of the decking in Blacktown to feather the edges of left-over finish material down to the bare wood.

2. Scrub the surface: Remove the dirt or flaking stain by using a stiff scrub brush.

3. Apply a cleaner: Next, apply deck cleaners to wood and then scrub the cleaners with a stiff deck brush.

4. Pressure wash the deck: Wash the surface of the deck with a pressure washer to remove both the residue and other cleaning solutions by using a power washer with a fan spray nozzle.

It is better to use a low power setting for avoiding getting the wood damaged. Besides, you can also refer to the recommendations of the manufacturer on the basis of the wood type

Allow the deck to dry thoroughly

5. Apply a deck stain: On the basis of the deck stain product, a paint brush, a pump sprayer, a staining pad, a paint roller, or a combination of all these things that can be utilized to apply the stain. It is necessary to follow the recommendations of the manufacturer for applicators as some of the deck stains need some specific tools.

6. Replace the old deck boards: In a number of cases, it becomes necessary to replace the damaged or broken boards in the deck. To do this, you can take the help of a claw hammer and then can replace the old boards with new ones.

To refresh the look and feel of the existing decking in Blacktown and also to ensure an even appearance, sometimes it becomes necessary to replace all the deck boards at a time. This will be helpful for improving both the structural integrity and the appearance of the deck.

To replace the boards, you can select from materials like pressure-treated wood, natural wood, and advanced composites to ensure great durability.


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