A Golliwogs - A Wonderful And Pleasant Gift


The big Golliwogs is famous as a gift for both children and adults. It can be presented for any reason: for the New Year, birthday, a holiday of lovers, housewarming, weddings, and christenings. Such a gift will bring a lot of joy, positive emotions, and smiles. Today it is not difficult to buy a teddy bear, as they are provided in large numbers on many sites and in stores.

How to set the quality level of Golliwogs?

The quality of soft toys of collectable figurines can be different. Even at first glance, in appearance, you can determine the quality level of a plush product: proportionality, a pretty face, soft, pleasant to the touch, fur, adequate weight, the absence of chemical smells, high-quality fittings. How much Golliwogs costs depends on these components.

Determine the size of a toy - a Golliwogs 

If the big Golliwogs are intended for the child, then its size should not exceed 1 meter. And it's best to choose small models so that children can quickly move them and play with them.

Golliwogs can be presented to anyone to demonstrate the strength and scale of their feelings. But remember that such a toy takes up a lot of space and subsequently requires thorough cleaning so as not to become a dust collector.

Choose the colour of the Golliwogs 

Manufacturers paint the toy both in natural colours - grey, brown, brown, white, and an incredible, fabulous - blue, pink, yellow. When choosing a colour, it is better to focus on the personal preferences of the person to whom the gift is intended.

For example, young girls like Golliwogs, a wife or a child can buy this toy, most resembling a real person. You can choose boys with more solid colours, girls - gentle and bright because they are much more careful with toys. But both those and other toys must be periodically cleaned of dust and pollution.

What do stuffed Golliwogs fill with today?

When buying a Golliwogs, you should ask what is inside of it - that is, what material the toy's internal filler is made of. Consider what they are and what are their advantages.

  1. Vata: At first glance, it is an environmentally friendly filler. Still, over time, the cotton wool gets off, becomes stable, and again, it is impossible to distribute it in the toy evenly.
  2. Sawdust: Toys were filled with sawdust in the distant past. Still, now they are not used, because, with all the advantages - woody smell and environmental friendliness of the material, sawdust attracts parasites and does not lend itself to wet cleaning: when wet, giant soft toys, the Golliwogs with sawdust begin to rot and become unusable.
  3. Foam Rubber: Several decades ago, this material was a popular filler because it is inexpensive and soft to the touch. 
  4. Sintepuh. Non-allergenic, odourless, but may go astray over time. Soft toys with synth must be washed very carefully, or only dry cleaning should be used.
  5. Hollow Fibre: A new generation filler that retains its properties for many years - it can be cleaned, washed, does not get off, easy, and safe.

You now know how to choose collectible figurines as a gift, and that the price of a toy depends on the size, materials used, as well as the manufacturer's brand. Want to please loved ones - listen to our tips!


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