Why Should You Buy Fire Rated Sliding Doors From A Reliable Manufacturer?

Heat-resistant doors today are one of the mandatory attributes of almost any public building. Thousands of people work daily in offices, banks, shopping, and business centers. In the event of a fire, so many panics can lead to a large number of victims. That is why any building should be thought out in terms of fire safety. Doors with refractory properties restrain the onset of flame, give extra time for evacuation and stop the fire, which sometimes spreads through the premises with terrifying speed. It is essential to buy sliding fire doors from a reliable fire rated sliding door manufacturer. 

The possibility of localizing the fire determines the level of fire safety of premises, and at the same time, creating the conditions for the rapid and unhindered evacuation of equipment and people. Ordinary doors will not cope with such a task. Therefore, fire-resistant sliding doors are installed in both residential and administrative buildings. More than once, thanks to the fire-rated sliding door manufacturer. Building owners were able to avoid significant losses with the help of these doors. To establish such doors means to make a justified, profitable investment.

Safety guarantee and modern design :

The time during which the door can restrain fire, smoke, excess pressure and carbon monoxide is indicated on the labeling of each model in alphanumeric equivalent by the fire-rated sliding door manufacturer. A number means the number of minutes that a structure can maintain its integrity and perform fire protection functions. The optimal value must be selected based on the conditions of the place where the door will be installed. Each sliding fire door from AFC has an excellent appearance. Optionally, the color and texture of profiles, glass, and accessories can be changed according to the general concept of the building.

Fire resistance limits of fire doors:

In the manufacture of fire-prevention doors with glazing, laminated glass with transparent intermediate layers that expand when exposed to temperature (pyrogen glasses) is used by the fire-rated sliding door manufacturers. In case of fire, at a temperature of about 120 degrees, these layers change their physical characteristics, and fire-prevention glass turns into a rigid, not passing fire and heat, opaque protective structure. For the glazing of external fire doors, double-glazed windows are used, which include pyrogen fire-prevention glass.

All models of entrance fire doors should be equipped with door closers and a double seal on the porch and threshold; non-threshold construction doors are fitted with automatic "drop-down" thresholds that tightly close the gap between the door leaf and the floor.

If the fire door is on the way to evacuating people, then it is equipped with a manual opening mechanism without using a key, the so-called anti-panic system (from the English push-bar). Fire doors can be equipped with various mechanical, electromagnetic, or electromechanical locks. When using electromechanical or electromagnetic locks with remote control, the access control system must provide full functionality of doors in case of problems with electricity (unlocking or blocking of electromechanical locks when the power is turned off, redundancy of control circuits, availability of uninterruptible power supplies).

It is worthwhile to carefully approach the opportunity to buy fire doors and first familiarize yourself with the relevant fire-rated sliding door manufacturers' standards. After all, having no idea about the necessary parameters for future doors and partitions, you can not only purchase completely unsuitable products but also run into scammers who sell uncertified goods.


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