Must Share Information About Dog Boarding Sydney

Boarding a dog at some other place can be an anxious and depressing experience for the dog as well as the owner. But as compared to other kinds of boarding facilities, boarding, home dog boarding is the best option. But to ensure that your dog is adequately taken care of, it is essential to share the information with the present dog boarding facility.

Thus following are some of the essential information that you must share with the dog boarding in Sydney.

Health condition of your dog:

It is essential for the dog boarding facility as well as for you to explain all about the health condition of your dog. If your dog has any present or past health issues, explain it to the home dog boarding facility. If your dog is on medication, explain the facility about the timing as well as the dosage of the medicine. For additional safety, it is better to share your vet’s number with the boarding facility.

Food allergies:

Let the boarding facility know if your dog has any kind of food allergy. Sharing this information will keep your dog safe as well as help them to know about your dog so that they don’t give such food to your dog. Boarding is not the place where you can experiment with your dog’s food. Thus take your dog to a vet and get all information about any allergies that he might be facing.

The activity level at home:

Most of the dog boarding has ample space available where your dog can play and run for hours. But if your dog is not used to playing any running a lot, it is better to inform this to the dog boarding facility. Because too much playing and running can cause a sprain or another difficulty to your dog. Thus be safe than sorry and inform about the level of activity your dog enjoys at home. 

What makes your dog irritated or anxious:

Dogs get anxious and irritated due to certain activities or sounds. Thus before keeping your dog in a dog boarding in Sydney, explain the facility about any such activity that irritates your dog. This will not only keep your dog safe, but it will also be good for the other dogs at the facility. 

Food aggression:

Certain dogs face the challenges of food aggression. But food aggression has different degrees and complications. Your dog might behave differently with the family members and differently with strangers. Thus you should be well aware of this, and you must share this information with the dog boarding facility. Sometimes your dog might be comfortable with you taking away his food bowl, but he might not be comfortable if some stranger does the same thing. Thus inform the facility about this kind of your dog’s behavior. 

Your dogs are precious and they deserve the best. Thus it is essential to share all this information with the dog boarding facility for your dog’s safety as well as for the boarding home you are sending your dog. 


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