How To Reduce The Cost Of Laser Cutting?

Are you paying too much for laser cutting? For most of the users, the answer is yes. So why does one need to overpay for laser cutting or engraving? To reduce the cost of laser cutting in Sydney, it is imperative to understand the basics of laser cutting and then apply those principles in the process so that the unnecessary cost can be curbed.

The three main areas that constitute the cost of laser cutting include making, materials, and shipping. Making cost is all about labour that is both machine labour and human labour. Materials can vary greatly, and the choice of material determines the price. Lastly, the shipping cost needs to be taken into consideration, and all efforts must be put in to decrease the shipping cost.

Tips to reduce laser cutting cost

Keeping in mind the three main areas of laser cutting cost, we can effectively accomplish cost-effective laser cutting designs. Now let’s understand the tips that will enable us to optimise the cost of laser cutting in Sydney.

Create a digital prototype

Did you know that by formatting your design files you can save a significant amount in laser cutting?

You can create a digital prototype and upload the design and then choose the materials that can be used to accomplish the design. When you have a digital prototype, you can have a set of permutations and combinations to understand in which areas the project can be optimised before you plunge into real design work.

Test prototypes by starting small

Whether you have just begun with laser cutting or you are a pro in the domain, it is always a good idea to start with things short and simple. This is because each of the material reacts differently to the heat of the laser. So you can begin testing on small prototypes instead of bigger projects. This will help you save tons of money because not much material or effort will be wasted in case the end-product does not turn out as per expectation.

Simplify the details

In laser cutting or engraving, time equals money. It is true that when you want to design a product, you would love details that make it unique. But at the same time, intricate designs can increase laser cutting costs. Always remember that in laser cutting, you will be paying for every movement that the laser cutter makes. It is quite common that detailed and smaller forms take longer to cut than the larger ones. Therefore, the rule of the thumb is to keep the details simple for being cost-effective.

Take into account the material thickness

Choosing the right material has a considerable impact on the laser cutting cost. If you are a little flexible with your choice and pick up the materials wisely, the cost of laser cutting in Sydney can be considerably low. For example, it is easier to cut 4mm cardboard when compared to 9mm acrylic.

Last and not least, choose professional and reputed service providers to get value for money in laser cutting.


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