Difference Between Tile And Timber Flooring In Riverstone

Ceramic, slate, marble, stones, and travertine are some of the types of tile flooring. In these types, ceramic tile flooring is very common and popular. They are made from different materials like fired clay, porcelain, and glazed clay. They are available with both a smooth finish and a rough finish. The rough finish tile can be used in slippery areas like the bathroom and near pools. 

Timbers floors are available in different forms like the laminated floor, bamboo floor, hardwood floor, and engineered timber flooring. Hardwood flooring is the common and popular type of timber flooring in Riverstone. Hardwood flooring is made up of hardwood. In some countries, small size wood flooring is also known as parquet flooring. If large size planks are used for flooring then they are called timber flooring. Some ways to differentiate the tile and wood flooring are listed below.

Finishing and style

Most house owners in Riverstone prefer both timber and tile flooring. Tile flooring is available in different colours and patterns. The top layer is made of small and fine particles. This is made possible with the help of nanotechnology. The fine particles on the top layer will keep the tiles clean since it is resistant to dust. A lot of new and modern tiles are available in the market. Timber wood flooring will give a rich look for the house. Different patterns of wood floors are available and they keep the house warm. 

Urethane water treatment, urethane moisture treatment, varnish, paste wax, and shellac treatment will add a shining layer for the floor.


Tile flooring needs little when compared with timber flooring. Tile floors can be easily cleaned. If the tiles are properly installed then they do not require any maintenance. Water on the timber floors must be cleaned immediately. Timber floors must be cleaned daily. Once in five years, the timber flooring must be polished. If you drag furniture on the timber floors then it can even cause damage to it. 

Advantage of tile flooring:

  • Tile flooring is very strong
  • It can be easily cleaned with wet cloth and mop
  • It requires very less maintenance 
  • Tile flooring is highly resistant to abrasion
  • Tiles are fireproof and good insulators
  • It is resistant to bacterial and other allergic agents
  • After installation, it can be immediately used
  • Available in different colour shade
  • Tile flooring is not slippery

Advantages of timber wood flooring:

  • It can keep the room warm since it is resistant to cool. It is best suited for cool places. 
  • It will give a royal look for the house
  • You can create a unique and customized design. 

Disadvantages of tile flooring:

  • Tiles can easily break
  • Smooth tiles are slippery
  • During winter they are very cold

Disadvantages of timber flooring:

  • Timber flooring is not resistant to dust.
  • It must be cleaned daily
  • Timber flooring is not resistant to fire
  • Termites and pests can easily attack timber wood floors.
  • The sealer used in timber flooring will affect the health of family members since they emit chemicals during the installation process. 

Be it you are purchasing tile flooring or timber flooring in Riverstone, ensure to research and purchase first quality flooring materials. 


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