7 techniques to properly test a used car before making a purchase!

Are you planning to buy a second hand or used car from around Balgowlah? You’ll need to conduct a pre-purchase inspection by doing a test-drive. Here are some techniques you can use to conduct a thorough examination of your prospective buy so you end up with a safe, reliable car. 

1. Go in with an open mind!

There must be no preconceived notions while you are test-driving a car. A Model from a BMW car service might excel on some areas while is mediocre in others, each company and model will have different and widely varying specifications and qualifications. And remember - A costly modification doesn't always mean better results. 

2. Set your standards!

You should set specific benchmarks while looking to buy a used car. You may not know what vehicle— or even what type of vehicle— you want early in the process. It’s okay to be confused between an SUV and a sports car. We’ve all been there. Get your hands on every vehicle you find. Test drive it. 

3. Grill the wheel!

Conduct a thorough pre-test inspection. Pro test drivers are required to ensure that the test vehicle is in good shape before each test. They check for proper levels of oil, liquid refrigerant and transmission, correct tire pressure, and more. A pre-test inspection is also a must for a used car shopper. Open the cap. Look out for overwhelming odour of any kind and poor maintenance signs. 

Inspect the brake rotors for cracking, grooving or discoloration You can inspect the thickness of the brake pad on some cars without removing a wheel. If you suspect that the vehicle was in a wreck, touch the rubberized magnet on the car's sides. If the magnet is not sticking, there are chances that a lot of body filler hiding under the paint, which means there was a body damage in the past.

4. Keep records! 

Make a detailed sheet that includes the main areas: sound system, brakes, bodywork, ride, noise, steering feel, tires, maintenance, interior wear, seat comfort, etc. Grade them out of 1 to 10. 

5. Take your time! 

Professional test drivers might drive a car for 8-10 miles just to asses one specific area of the car. If you don't want to end up with a inferior quality car, don't bow down to pressure of seller by just buying the car after a short ride. 

6. Consistency is the key!

Despite advances in technology, the best evaluation can only be done by between a trained driver's ears. For your used-car test, you have to be as immaculate as a machine. Establish a standard routine and practice your routine using your current vehicle or one of the rental-car benchmarks. 

7. Quiet and sure!

If you are done evaluating the sound system, switch it off. Turn off the air conditioner or heater fan on a regular basis, but leave the windows open. This is done so in case there are any unusual noises coming out of the car. This can prove difficult even for a pro test driver, as normal noises have to separate from those caused by wind, and problems in car. If you hear an unusual voice try to separate it by either by increasing/ decreasing your speed or changing lanes. 

Now that you are well- versed in art of pre-purchase inspection, go find your dream ride!


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