Are Digital Screens The Future Of Outdoor Advertising?

In today’s technologically driven world, advertising is no longer the same. Marketers don’t spend hours thinking about television ads as they are busy brainstorming ideas for social media campaigns. From the alarm clock on your phone to the work computer at your desk, screens are everywhere. This observation also runs true when it comes to advertising in the open. Outdoor digital advertising screens and outdoor electronic signs are steadily becoming a viable alternative to traditional billboards. However, it doesn’t mean that printed signs will disappear from the face on the Earth in the next 5 years. 

Digital vs Traditional

Even though digital advertising displays have some obvious advantages, traditional billboards still have their uses. When it comes to cost-effectiveness and providing targeted audience engagement, traditional billboards blow outdoor electronic signs out of the water. However, the outreach of digital advertising screens is significantly higher than their paper-made alternatives. 

According to a study, the recall rate of digital signage is a whopping 83%. 

Given the fact that the human eye is primed to respond to vibrant colours and motion, the above-mentioned statistic should not come as a surprise. Furthermore, outdoor digital advertising signs don’t have as many environmental concerns as their traditional counterparts. After a billboard runs its course, it becomes disposable. In other words, it roughly turns into 27 x 40 inches of paper waste. On the flip side, traditional outdoor advertising mediums offer the exclusivity that digital screens sometimes lack. 

A digital advertising display placed in the heart and centre of a metropolitan city might be providing screen real estate to as many as 5 to 6 campaigns at the same time. The bottom line is there is no clear winner in this battle. The end goal of your campaign will be the deciding factor. If you aim to maximize brand awareness whilst adopting an environment-friendly approach, digital is the way to go. 

What content is best suited for digital signage?

As in all forms of advertising, the target audience is your north pole. The size of your content will also impact the size of the screen that you opt for. The location of your outdoor digital advertising screen is also of import here. In an area with fast-moving traffic, brevity will be your best friend. Since the onlookers will only have a short burst of time in which they see your ad, you need to make sure that you don’t overload them with unnecessary information. Another thing that you should consider is if you’re opting for a shared digital screen. In this scenario, placing a call-for-action in your campaign will help it stand out. Lastly, given the flexible nature of digital advertising screens, you should constantly monitor the success rate of your signage. In case of a low success rate, you have the option to redesign your advertisement. 

What’s the takeaway?

The effectiveness of digital marketing mediums is unquestionable. An interesting statistic states that 8 out of 10 customers enter a store as a result of being captivated by electronic signs. Simply put, if you strategically plan out on your usage of outdoor digital advertising screens and outdoor electronic signs, they are slightly at a higher cost but, pay a lot in the long run.


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