What Are The Features Of Security Screens/Doors In Sydney?

fly screen installation
fly screen installation

Thinking about fly screen installation in Sydney? Security doors prevent the house from crooks at the same time it let the sunlight and fresh air to enter the house. Normal security doors cannot provide 100% protection. Given correct equipment and time the security doors can be penetrable. In this article let us discuss the proper security door, their installation, benefits, and their limitation. 

Types of security screens in Sydney

Based on the need the level of the security door varies. If you just want to protect your house from the intruders you can use a steel door and steel grilles. If you want to protect your house from bugs in addition to the security appearance then you can use an aluminium door. If you want protection only from the insects then you can use cheap material like an aluminium number. 

Things to be considered while selecting the security doors and security screens in Sydney:

The type of security doors differs based on some features like frame, infill, grilles, hinges, design, fire safety, and locks. 


Security doors in Australia should meet the AS5039-2008 standard. For the installation process, they should follow AS5040. It is recommended to ask for a written warranty which can be later claimed if needed. 


The frame of the security door is made up of aluminium or steel. Steel doors are more effective and they can also prevent corrosion. The receiver channel of the frame should be deep and strong. The corners of the frame must be reinforced. 

security screens sydney
security screens sydney


Stainless steel mesh, an aluminium sheet with a structural grade, aluminium grille and, steel can be used for making infill. For high-level security, you can use grilles, motifs and steel bars. The level of protection of aluminium grilles is a little high than the flyscreens. Stainless steel mesh provides both aesthetic look and security. They are made up of aluminium and steel frame. 


The cords must be thick. The grilles must perfectly fit with the door for proper function. The frame of the door is joined with the grille. Aluminium rivets of the door should be kept in an accessible position for security purposes. Plastic clamps used in the grilles are resistant to corrosion. 


Five pin cylinder or equal to that should be used for the key lock system. Wafer locks can be easily attacked or damaged. The push of the intruder can be prevented by using a three-point lock system at the top or bottom of the door. It must also spread the force equally when they are attacked. Use lock which has high quality and warranty. 


The hinge pins must be fixed permanently. A minimum of three hinges must be used in one door. For extra protection, it is recommended to weld the steel pins instead of pressing it. Use a large size pin for the proper functioning of the hinges. You can also use a single long hinge for the full length of the door. 

Custom design:

You can make your own custom designs for the security doors based on the requirement. Custom made doors are always better. 

Corrosion protection:

If the security doors meet the Australian standards then they are resistant to corrosion.


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