How to Stay Away from Fraud Visa Consultants in Sydney?

Although travelling overseas to Sydney is an exciting journey full of possibilities, the journey also comes with its share of issues. With numerous people t in Sydney for various reasons like for migrating, studying, investing, working, etc. there has been a big demand for Sydney visas across the globe. And with the requirement for visas increasing at an unparalleled rate, there also has been a boost in the visa scams. 

The cases of fraud visa consultants fooling the aspirant immigrants are not new. There are many cases, where the scamsters impersonate people or employees of some organizations. By winning the trust of visa applicants, these scammers and fraudsters demand payments for different types of services, whether rendered or not. Therefore, it is important to check the authenticity of the service providers before deciding against seeking the assistance of these visa consultants.

Often scammers use some advanced technologies to mask numbers and cloning official websites. And when the scammer makes a call to the applicant, it often becomes hard for the applicant to tell the difference. Besides, in several cases, official-looking emails are sent to the applicants asking for the previous details asking for making upfront payments or for supplying some private details. So, no visa consultant in Sydney can guarantee the job overseas or immigration.

So, it is necessary to stay alert to ensure that you don’t get scammed. 

Here are the things to keep in mind in this case:

  • Remember that the authorized visa consultants and agents would never demand any upfront payment by phone or email.
  • Be wary in case you get job offers and immigration proposals from personal email accounts that look fake. Even in case you get the offer on an official document, analyze the logo on the document that you get. Even after using the latest technology for duplicity, you would find out the differences between fake and genuine with a close look.
  • Never fall prey to a fraud visa consultant of Sydney, who asks for money in exchange for guaranteed visa or admission. Often these consultants make false claims that they are capable of assuring visas to the students with the help of their links in the embassy. Remember that the embassy is the only authority, who can issue you the necessary visa. No consultant can help you with this matter.
  • Apart from that, if you are looking for a student visa, then you should also check the important details regarding on-campus work, accommodation, fees, or other important details mentioned on the official website of the university or college. And never go just by what the consultants are claiming. Often visa consultants misguide students regarding these matters.
  • Another important warning sign that you need to check is whether you are threatened with deportation or visa application rejection in case you don’t make any payment in advance to any personal account.

So, only trust the well-experienced and registered visa consultants, who have a good reputation in the market. Always keep in mind that the too-good-to-be-true schemes are not good always.


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