Why Limestone Tile Is The Best In Both Interior And Exterior Decoration?

For centuries, limestone tiles have been used in the construction and decoration of residential buildings: the material has excellent technical and decorative characteristics. Limestone is a soft sedimentary rock of organic origin, the main element of which is calcium carbonate or calcite. Quite often in its composition, one can find impurities of quartz, phosphate, silicon, clay, and sand particles, as well as calcareous remains of microorganisms.

The use of decorative stone in construction and design depends on its natural properties, colours, cost. There are lighter, “airy” rocks - for example, limestone, which organically fits into the modern interior.

Even though the main colour of the breed is white in nature, there are different shades of this material such as light yellow, beige, greyish, less often - light pink. The most valuable are the stones of white-pink and white-yellow shades.

Uses of limestone tile

Exterior finish 

Limestone tile is used to decorate the walls of a building and in the design of the garden or house territory.

There are several options for exterior decoration:

Facing tiles will make the building not only beautiful and stylish but also warm. The stone is easy to install and extends the life of the entire building. We have dozens of tiles of different colours, textures, and shapes. The catalogue shows the price per square meter, making it convenient to calculate the required quantity and cost of the material.

Architectural products. Limestone lends itself perfectly to processing - small and large decorative elements are made from it: balusters, columns, platbands, cornices. Such details will give the house a great, luxurious look.

Lanterns. We offer original solutions for landscape design - lanterns made of monolithic limestone blocks. Products can be independent decor elements or part of an ensemble consisting of house cladding, individual architectural products, and territory lighting. Lanterns zonate space, decorate the garden, allow you to move around it at night safely.

Interior decoration

Limestone is used in the design of rooms to decorate walls, floors, or ceilings. Natural stone can be used to decorate the entire surface or emphasize individual elements. Designers actively use limestone tile in the interior when decorating space in the styles of art deco, minimalism, high-tech, creating lofts.

Facing tile. The tile, which we mentioned above, can be used not only outside the building but also in the repair of premises. The surface of the tile can be perfectly smooth or rough, with a texture that resembles natural raw rock. The shape of the tile can be geometrically correct - it fits perfectly into classic interiors, deliberately rough, uneven, repeating the natural shape of the stone - suitable for room decoration in eco-style.

3D mosaic. The unusual decor will transform any room in the house: kitchen, bathroom, or living room. Small tiles with a smooth surface are easy to install and do not require much maintenance.

Fireplaces. Compact limestone tiles fit perfectly into the interior of a living room in a country house or city apartment. Lightweight, airy fireplace material allows you to install it even in a small room.


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