Seeking an MBA Degree? Here’s Everything you Need to Know

With a visible increase in the number of MBA aspirants across the world, it’s only natural that the volume of queries regarding the course is also on the rise. The nature and the volume of queries vary primarily with the kind of research these aspirants have done. While some of them have conducted a little bit of research regarding schools, fees, and examinations, there are others who have got their GMAT scores and are clueless about their next step.

Do let us tell you that choosing an educational program is a matter of great discretion. It is about conducting systematic research. At present, you might be “rushing through” MBA rankings in your quest for the top colleges. Some of you might still not be sure about “suitability” but are all too overwhelmed by the MBA hype itself.

Make sure you’re conducting systematic research before committing yourself to a course. Here’s a look at the comprehensive steps that you should take before enrolling in one of the colleges commanding top MBA rankings in Singapore. Read on!

Consider Suitability

This is something which we often don’t do! Enrolling for an MBA program should only be considered worth your money when you are ready to strike the perfect balance between the impressive pay packet and international prospects and the workload and stress. Some of the very reliable sources to draw a near-perfect idea would be the MBA discussion forums and of course – someone who is already doing an MBA. 

Find the Right Business Schools    

Please remember that finding the right business school is not solely about rushing through the MBA rankings. It’s about finding the right balance of rankings, faculty, and records. Find out if a college has a consistent record of nurturing business leaders across the world or not. Other questions that you should ask are:

  • Who all are a part of the faculty?
  • What about their alumni?
  • Do you know about a famous business leader who has passed out from the business school?
  • What are the ex-students of the college telling you about its credentials? 

Study the websites of the top 50 or 100 MBA schools in Singapore. See if you can identify a pattern or not. The website itself should give you a clear idea about the entry barriers. 

Preparation for MBA

There is a lot of thinking to do as far as your core preparations are concerned. Set your GMAT or TOEFL/IELTS scores beforehand. Work on your MBA essays. Make sure you’re taking the following steps to bolster your preparations:

  • Focus on self-study
  • Consider coaching classes though they are expensive because they do render structure and discipline to your routine
  • You can consider online coaching classes as well
  • Focus on producing quality essays because without good MBA essays, you will never be invited for the next stage of interviews 

Your alumni network can actually help you a lot with the interview process as well. An effective way to predict a few questions would be to revisit your application. Think about what you have written in your essays. Thorough brainstorming can help you dig out possible questions from the essays. Don’t ignore the possibility of technical puzzles, knowledge topics and case studies.

If you are an MBA aspirant, please make sure that you’re considering these points without fail.  Hopefully, they will turn out to be a definitive guide in your quest to fulfil your professional goal. Making the cut as a successful entrepreneur or business leader takes years of planning and foresight. Make sure you’re starting today!


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