B Class Hoardings over A-Class Hoardings

B Class Hoardings
B Class Hoardings

When construction takes place, it is important to keep the work site clear from danger and safe not only for the workmen present but also for the public. There is always a chance of debris falling from the worksite and it could lead to huge problems ranging from destruction of property to even death. There are a number of ways to keep the public at bay and using hoardings is one such technique. B Class Hoardings are a great way to provide safety to pedestrians and privacy for construction. 

B Class Hoardings over A-Class Hoardings 

The main difference between A and B Class Hoardings is that A class hoardings only provide privacy in the form of a site fence. It restricts the entry of the public by setting up a boundary around the construction site. B Class Hoardings are one step further in safety and protection where there is roof like platforms along with the Fence. This overhead protection is placed over sidewalks so pedestrians are safe from any construction material like tools or even scaffolding from falling onto the sidewalk.  

Though A class hoardings are more cost-efficient than B class hoardings, the extra overhead protection could be the difference between catching something that falls from the construction site and a possible lawsuit on the builders for negligence. 

Features of B Class Hoardings

  • Restricts entry of the public into the construction space
  • Provides overhead protection to pedestrians
  • Provides security from thieves at construction sites
  • Has to meet with safety standards of the construction industry
  • Each deck in the hoarding has a strength of 10 kpa
  • Usually made of Timbre or Steel
B Class Hoardings
B Class Hoardings

Types of B Class Hoardings

Depending upon the construction and pavement, the type of B Class Hoardings can differ. There are 3 major types:

  1. Modular B Class Hoardings: These hoardings are setup for varied levels and entry points of buildings. The Hoarding might have to be built over the entry point of vehicles and thus needs to be a little higher at that exact spot. Modular B Class Hoardings have different widths and lengths for easier access to the construction site. 
  2. Conventional B Class Hoardings: This standard hoarding set up over pavements is the Conventional B class hoarding where there is no change in the size or shape of the hoarding over the pavement. This is the most used form of hoarding and must meet certain safety regulations such as nightlights and paint colour to alert the public.  
  3. Combined Hoardings: A combination of both 'A' and 'B' class hoardings, the combined hoardings have overhead protection at certain points and then continue as A-class hoardings. This is usually done when there is some form of infrastructure or building coming in the way of the Hoarding. 

B Class Hoardings are much safer than A class Hoardings and provide more control over the construction site to the builders. There are safety standards to be met while using B class Hoardings so it is important to hire the hoardings from quality assured brands. B class hoardings can also act as a platform for scaffolding which can aid in the repair or construction of a building.


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