Advantages Of Having Drinking Water Fountain With Water Bubblers

From junior schools to the industrial premises- you will get to see water drinking fountains almost everywhere in Australia. The bottled water is not only expensive but also is not as much as an eco-friendly choice anymore compared to the water fountain (because of plastic bottles). 

And, what’s the point of really wasting money on the bottled water when you can get purified, chilled and clean water. These drinking fountains are equipped with the best quality water bubblers in Sydney featuring rubber-based anti-bacterial mouth guards. So, basically, it's entirely safe for everyone. 

The benefits certainly do not end here. There are a few others you can also consider in this case. Take a close look at those in the following section.

· It Can Be Installed Almost Anywhere

That's one of the most significant benefits of drinking fountains with water bubblers in Sydney that make it a popular choice for both public and private areas. One can choose to install against the wall or may decide to go with the freestanding ones to enjoy its portability.

· It’s Flexible for Any Place

Just like it's mentioned above, you can fit it in almost any location. Junior schools and gymnasiums are the most desirable places where you are most likely to spot the water bubblers in Sydney. But, that’s not the end of it of course. Sports centres, factories, office corridors, universities - the availability of different designs makes them perfect for almost any place.

· It Comes in Different Shapes in Sizes

Not just the variety in the designs, but you can also expect to get drinking fountains in different shapes and sizes. These fountains come with enough knee and toe clearance (complying with the Australian Standards for Access Compliance) so that any person using a wheelchair can drink from it.

· It Has Got All the Latest Features

If you have just started thinking about the water bubblers in Sydney as an old school option, you should put an end to that thought. Unlike the primitive water coolers used earlier, the drinking water fountains have all the features. They feature carbon-based filters to provide clean water. Also, some of the fountains feature coil-on-coil chilling facility so that you can beat the summer heat of Australia anytime, while out there on the road. 

· It Offers Flexibility in Water Dispensing

Just like the variety of designs as well as shapes and sizes, you can choose the water bubblers in Sydney based on their water dispensing capacity. The one you should get for the crowded public sectors must be able to dispense at least 4-5 litres of water per minute. For other, comparatively less overcrowded spaces, you can go for the ones that dispense 50 litres of fresh and chilled water per hour. The choice is yours.

Final Words

You can easily guess the pool of advantages you can secure by installing the drinking water fountains in both public and private areas. Choose the right place to shop where you can have myriad options in terms of the body, water dispensing capacity, fair pricing and other cool features they have to offer.


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