Fire and water restoration techniques can save your valuable facilities

There is a huge demand for professionals who can revive and restore valuable facilities, objects or possessions damaged by water or fire. This is the best time to start fire and water restoration training and become restoration expert, as these invaluable techniques can save thousands of objects across the country each year. 

Industrial facilities and properties suffer from water and fire damage the most. The losses are counted in millions of dollars, depending on the size and type of facility. Furthermore, commercial and residential objects are often damaged by fire or floods. However, some of the valuables can be saved and certain negative effects of water and fire can be restored with the help of professionals who had taken special fire and water restoration training and have good cleaning, fire and water restoration equipment.

Let’s take a look at the residual consequences of fire and water damage, except the obvious ones:

Odors and mold




Material deterioration.

Fire and water restoration equipment in 2018 is more advanced and versatile than ever. There are lots of different products and equipment available, including:

Fire restoration cleaning equipment and products

Air Movers

Hepa filtration systems

Moisture detection equipment


Injector drying systems. 

Fire restoration 

Restoration services are nowadays equipped with heavy-duty cleaning machines that can restore different types of surfaces and materials without causing further damage. These machines and products are free of aggressive, synthetic chemicals. Fire restoration teams use them to clean objects damaged by smoke, fire, and its residual consequences. New generation fogging machines have sanitizer and disinfectant dispenser systems. Pressure washing systems and high-powered alkaline cleaners can literally melt the most stubborn grease damage from various surfaces. 

Air Movers

High-tech air movers are very versatile and offer lots of different ways to dry your damaged furniture, machines, industrial facilities or your home. There are also 360-degree specialized air movers which can dry floors and carpets in no time leaving them moisture and mold-free. 

Hepa filtration systems

Hepa filtration machines are perfect for improving indoor air quality. Mold, humidity and fire smoke and odors are the consequences of high amounts of particles and gasses remaining in the indoor space. These filtration systems help you to get rid of those micro-particles and to prevent cross-contamination. 

Moisture detection equipment

Even though you think the drying process had finished, some moisture always stays in hard-to-reach corners, material cracks or the material itself. Moisture detection equipment is perfect for hardwood floors and plaster walls. Thermo anemometers are also widely used in these cases.


Dehumidifiers are powerful machines used to fight mold development, musty smells, pest-friendly indoor climate and eliminate all excessive moisture. Very humid indoor air can have lots of negative effects on human health as well. 

Injector drying systems

Injector drying equipment is designed to eliminate excess moisture without over drying your floors or wooden furniture. The injector drying is perfect for subfloors as well, as these elements often get damaged by water. 


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