Why You Should Opt For Sports Memorabilia Framing?

If you have a T-shirt or a player's uniform of your favourite sports team, then the best solution is to place it in a frame. Sports memorabilia framing is undertaken by specialists who will ensure that the structure used fits the garment perfectly. If you are a sports fan, framing a player's uniform will always be reminding you of that person.

It is recommended to get an art workshop which offers the design of T-shirts in a baguette using high-quality materials and for every taste. The frames will allow you not only to store the acquired "trophies" in an exclusive design for many years, but they will also please you every day!

How is a t-shirt framed in a baguette? 

Most often, a deep baguette is used, which allows you to create the necessary volume and depth so that the item fits freely inside the product and is not pressed by the glass. The depth of the box for making a T-shirt should be at least 4 cm.

Besides, to create certain technical and visual parameters, sometimes it is necessary to combine several baguette models. For example, a deep L-shaped baguette is taken, and another baguette is put on top of it, resulting in a miniature showcase.

The design of T-shirts and other sportswear is a reversible process, since the thing does not stick, but is fixed based on threads. To paste the walls and create a background - the basis in most cases, special cardboard is used for passe-partout, which can be of various colours and textures, for example, velvet or glossy.

When making T-shirts and other objects, you can choose one of the proposed types of glass:




The development and creation of an exclusive design of a baguette frame and composition as a whole allow you to combine the finished product with any interior style successfully. An originally decorated T-shirt in a baguette can become both memorabilia and an unusual decor item. Each product is made individually, and its design is created by talented specialists, taking into account the preferences of the client. 

A framed T-shirt is a beautiful present for fans, amateur athletes, and all those who are just interested in sports.

Importance of sports memorabilia framing

Firstly, it will be a striking element of the interior, which certainly will not go unnoticed and perhaps will be a vital element of the interior. 

Secondly, it will allow you to keep a commemorative T-shirt for your memory. 

Thirdly, this is a valuable and unique gift to a friend - a fan.

Visually, a decorated T-shirt, scarf, or jersey is a critical element of the interior that will ideally fit into a bachelor’s apartment, “father’s” room, workshop, or a pumped-up “garage.”

Do you value a t-shirt or sportswear for a famous player? Do not store them just like that. Contact the framing workshop and get your sports memorabilia framed according to your wishes. It will bring out a wonderful souvenir and expressive interior element.


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