Bubble Wraps:- A Revolution In Packaging

These little magic bubbles on plastic have created a revolution in the packaging industry. Bubble wraps have completely transformed the way packing is done. Not only are these bubble wraps the most preferred packaging material, but they also lend a great deal of joy to the customers. Popping these bubbles is something all of you must have done at least once in your lifetime. As such, bubble wraps are a hot favorite not only with the packaging industry but also with the end customers. 

Origin and Background:-

Designed by two American engineers in 1957, the first bubble wrap made was a pair of plastic shower curtains. They were sealed together and launched as a decorative wallpaper but failed to make it big. Since 1960, they came into widespread use for packaging of fragile materials. They are now available across the world and are very popular. Now get bubble wraps in Sydney and Melbourne from an array of products all your packaging needs.

Popular Pros:-

With hundreds of bubbles across huge sheets of plastic, these bubble wraps provide excellent protection to all your goods in transit. They provide an extra layer of protection to your products inside those packaging boxes. With the great cushioning that they provide, you can stay assured that your products will arrive at their destinations safely, secure, and undamaged. Wrap your products with these Bubble Wraps and stay free from anxious moments while your products are on the way or in-transit. Let's look at some pros of these amazing bubble wraps:

1.Lightweight and Easy to Use:

Bubble Wraps are extremely lightweight and extremely easy to use. They are available as plain sheets of plastics which can be inflated on the warehouse floor and used for packaging.

2. Cozy Cushioning:

These bubble wraps provide an excellent cushion to all your delicate items in the packaging boxes. Thus absorbing all the shocks and impacts while your product is on the move and preventing your valuable product from any damage.

3. Protection from dust, dirt, and moisture:

Your products might need to be in storage for a long time before it finds a customer. These bubble wraps provide enhanced protection to your products from matter such as dust, moisture, or dirt while in storage. As such your new products go into the hands of the customer as new products even if in transit for months or years.

4. Multidimensional, flexible and versatile:

These bubble wraps can be inflated as required for protection to products of all shapes and sizes. They are available in the form of rolls which can simply be cut and used as and when needed.

Choose the Best

Contact a bubble wrap supplier in Sydney and Melbourne and forget all your worries about shipping your valuable products. Overseas or Inland, use this high-quality bubble wraps for all your packaging needs. Make informed choices of using these bubble wraps and rest assured of safe and damage-free delivery of your shipments. Let these wonderful bubbles ease out some if not all aspects of your business. Pop them out or wrap them around your products; they are equally satisfying.


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