Making Fantastic Bathroom Renovations in Double Bay Within The Budget

For most people, redesigning or remodelling the bathroom means pulling everything out of the bank account for those shiny faucets and fixtures. If you are ready to redesign your bathroom but spending a huge amount is out of the question, you can still recreate the bathroom into a relaxing and cool space. There are plenty of ways to renovate the bathroom within a budget.

Limit the use of tiles 

Using tiles is going to be expensive especially when you hire a contractor for help. If you are keen to save money, you have to restrict the use of tiles and shift the focus of redesigning on the floor. For the walls, you can design them with a single strip of tiles and paint the rest of the portions. If your eye is fixed on trendy and designer tiles, you can use it to accentuate the bathroom along with the cheaper tiles. The advantage of using cheap and expensive tiles is that the focus of the users stays on the expensive tiles while allowing you to save tons of money.

Style of bathtub

If you already have a bathtub with a shower attachment on the wall and you are satisfied with the color, using a new shower enclosure can spruce up the area. Fortunately, you will come across a wide range of shower units with built-in shelves within your budget, so do not break your bank on this.

Saving money on counter tops

Most people love to go with the popular trends of  bathroom renovations in Double Bay and splurge on granite counter tops. While the bathroom counter tops are relatively less expensive when compared to what you might get in the kitchen. The color of the material determines the price so you can stay away from choosing those colors that are less popular. Another way is to buy slabs with imperfections. Just keep in mind that the basin is going to take a lot of space, so the imperfections around the sink and the faucet are less likely to be noticed.

Changing the toilet

If the toilet matches with the shower or the bathtub, you are halfway through when the question is to invest in cheap bathrooms. Even though the toilet is going to cost you less when compared with the other fixtures in the bathroom, the low-flush toilets are quite expensive. If your aim is to save water, you can discard the idea of abandoning toilet renovation if it looks decent. Instead of changing the entire toilet, you can try to get a toilet tank water saver that fits properly into the toilet tank and uses as much water as is needed.

Painting the bathroom

When you do not have a lot of money to spend on bathroom renovations in Double Bay, the cheapest thing to do is to create an effective look in the bathroom with the work of repainting. However, try to keep in mind that it is going to take you more time as the areas around the sink, mirror, toilets, and shower must be carefully painted during the work of remodelling. Apart from this, you must use a good quality paint to avoid mildew and mould due to the development of humidity and moisture due to frequent changes of temperature in the bathroom.

Thing to remember

Bathroom renovation work does not have to be expensive beyond your means. However, a functional, cheap, and bright bathroom are attainable if you know how to spend wisely.


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