Useful Guide On Iron On Transfer Paper

Iron on transfer paper is often referred to as T-shirt paper since images are created on fabrics using iron. It is one of the best ways of designing bags, aprons, and anything else that can be created through iron-on transfer paper. It is advisable to master the technique before you can be able to use iron on the transfer method. It can be a little tricky for a person who is not familiar with it.

If you wish to create your own designed shirts, then iron on the transfer method is the best. It is an excellent method only if you have the needed skills and expertise.

To create designs on your fabrics using an iron-on transfer paper technique, you have to consider some tips. And some of them are discussed below;

1. Choose a fabric:

You need to pick a type of fabric you will use to design. It can be cotton or any other material, but cotton is the most preferred type. It is advisable to choose a plain t-shirt that does not have any designs. A plain shirt will give you an easier time to print your designs. It is simple to find a plain shirt from retail shops or fabric stores. Using cotton shirts will reduce the risk of your shirt getting stretched, or the transfer design getting damaged.

2. Choose the design to print on your fabric:

The next tip is to look for that design you would wish to create no your shirt. You can find models from the fabric store and choose the one that suits you. It can be a phrase or any artwork piece you can see that will describe you. Customize anything you want to design on the fabric that suits your personality and your desired style.

3. Apply the design:

After selecting the fabric and design you wish to print, you have to apply it. First, wash your shirt properly to remove all the wrinkles and iron it. Look for the perfect place to carry out your applications. The table to be used should be stable and flat to ease the process. Put the transfer paper gently on top of the shirt. Heat your iron properly before using it on the shirt. Iron the paper gently from upwards going downwards. After doing that severally, remove the paper slowly from the shirt. 

The guides above will undoubtedly help you when using iron-on transfer paper method to design your clothes. The steps are so simple to follow, and when doing that, you are sure to have the best results. 

You are required to take care of your newly designed garment after finishing the application. Since it took you much time and energy to carry out the procedure, care should be adhered to. It is recommended, after using the clothing, you wash it with cool water. It helps in preventing the iron-on transfer from getting cracked and peeled. Do not use the dryer while drying your fabric which can destroy it. Designing your clothing is very interesting, and at the same time, you gain more experience.


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