5 Critical Content Issues That Are Harming Your SEO Ranking

To ensure the smooth and growing flow of traffic on your website, you certainly need a sound search engine optimization strategy. The ways may be quite a few, but all you have to do is to pick the right ones that can genuinely bring in some positive results in your bag.

It's often the case of many website owners where they had to face a negative ranking for their website even though they have hired SEO professionals, they have used SEO strategies that are in trend for quite a long time now, and they have invested quite a lot of money in this purpose too.

So, what's the issue then? What's going on that is somehow curving the SEO ranking of your website? Have you noticed anything so far? Well, if you haven't identified anything yet, here is your chance to redeem yourself. Check out the possible issues.

Identify them, fix them with the help of reliable SEO experts, and you will soon be back at your game!

#Issue 1: Not Making the Website Mobile Responsive

If you still believe that people open their browser on their laptop every once in a while to surf the internet, you lack some practical knowledge indeed. Look around, and you will soon find that people nowadays are almost handcuffed with their smartphone.

That can eventually bring good news for website owners like you only if you decide to turn your website mobile responsive. You have to make your consumers easy and comfortable with your website with their smartphone. Only then, you will be able to keep on bringing in the desired traffic flow just like it was before.

#Issue 2: Improper Keyword Distribution

It does not always work when you decide to stuff as many keywords as possible in the website content. At the same time, placing the keywords in a scattered manner and also using a very few of those is not an ideal thing to do as well. This improper distribution and use of keywords can impact your SEO strategy negatively. Remember that, using irrelevant keywords can push you to face a penalty from Google as well.

#Issue 3: Avoid Use of Copyright Protected Content

The use of different media-based content will turn out to be a mandatory factor for managing the website's ranking soon. However, sometimes copyright issues become a significant concern if you accidentally use the copyright-protected content on your website.

It's not very difficult to get rid of this situation as well. Go through the Transparency Report of Google, find out whether any company has filed any complaint against you or not and if something like this has happened, the quick fix would be to remove the copyright-protected content from your website.

#Issue 4: The Audience is Not Liking your Website

Well, no matter how much you decide to promote your website, you will not get the desired success until and unless you can impress your audience. So, you better take the initiative of increasing the website loading speed right away so that the viewer does not spin away from your website. Secondly, you have to follow the AdSense rules where it is clearly mentioned how using excessive advertisements can indeed push you to a downturn.

#Issue 5: Putting Irrelevant Content

This is another factor you must consider. Suppose, you are running a renovation business, and the link you have given to your reader (that will land them on your website) is of finance business. Do you think it to be a good practice at all? 

Such a thing will not only piss your customers but Google as well. Google will penalize the repetition of information in the website content, articles, blogs, and even the slightest plagiarized content. So, it's better to check on these practices ASAP.

Final Words

In a nutshell, it is all about how you treat your customers and how accurately you follow the rules of Google will determine your fate in the digital market. If you don't want to lose the hard-earned SEO ranking that was bringing you business so far, you better fix the issues with copyright violation, produce original and unique content and make it engaging as well as convenient to use for the users. You will soon be ready to get the ball rolling in your court.


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