Brand Awareness is Your Insurance Policy Against Dirty Tricks in PPC

In the digital age, it is important to stay on top of it all. Be it your ads or your audience engagement. This is the same reason why many brands invest in a dedicated team to receive a boost on a digital level. The market is very fluid, and there are many people fighting to make a mark on various online platforms. At a time like this, having a strong brand presence is very important to help you jump to the front of the queue.

The digital market is dominated by PPC marketing as it is the hardest to crack and also is most effective if done correctly. PPC or pay per click is the internet technique where an advertiser pays for each time a user clicks an ad. This is an effective way to buy visitors to your website. This form of marketing is most commonly exploited on various search engine platform which is why a lot of brands invest in a good PPC advertising agency.

For example, if you want your website to rank high on Google, you can leverage PPC. You invest a certain amount into strategically picked keywords. Once you have paid for the service, your website will rank on the top of the page for those specific keyword searches. This is Google's Adwords service. They let brands bid for the keywords and the cost of these depends on the popularity of the word search.

The Problem: When many brands are bidding for the same keywords, it can increase the price of the concerned keyword. This makes it hard for small businesses to keep up with giants who can invest in ten-times their budget. The other factor is brands that do not bid on keywords at all are listed way low on the searches. This is where brand awareness comes into play. The best PPC advertising agency might be able to help you dodge this problem easily.

How does Brand awareness help?

Brand awareness is the level to which users are educated about the existence of a certain brand. In simple words, it means how many users have heard of your brands. It is important to have a high level of brand awareness if you are launching a new product or service in the online market space. It helps to get engagements to your website, or your ads as users are already familiar with the name of the brand.

In a market where there is a rat-race for bidding on keywords, this is a great way to rise to the top.

How to build a strong brand on the internet?

Being an eye-catchy brand is a tolling task for most agencies. Here are a few steps you can consider to move in the right direction in the world of digital marketing.

  • Video Content: This is a sure way to get your brand to be seen online. There are many brands out there that made a name for themselves on the internet just by making “viral” videos. The video content on social media platforms is easy to consume and thus users tend to spend more time on a video than read an article. Also, since it’s a visual media, there is no better way to show-off your brands.
  • Leverage Display Network: The display network such as GDN is one tool that is often misunderstood. Here you can target website based on not just the text, but also the details of the content listed. This helps you place your ads on websites that hold content which is similar to your target demographic.
  • Sell service, not brand: People might not be aware of your brand. But everyone uses the internet to look for services and products. If they look for a product and your brand is listed to the top of the page, this is a great way to get users to notice your brand.
  • Influencers: A common trend these days is to use an influencer to promote your brand. These are celebrities or people with high follower count, who act as brand ambassadors. These campaigns are a sure way to get your brand noticed. Since each user will mostly have a niche that they work towards, it’s important to pick an influencer that complements your brands best.
  • Invest in social media content: Social media like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook shelters millions of people who frequently use these platforms on a daily basis. A user will only interact with a post if they find meaning in them. By creating content that makes the most sense to your desired audience, you can get eyes to see your brand.

Even the best PPC advertising agency out there will tell you that your brand awareness is the best way to boost your brand. They go hand-in-hand and cannot be ignored when you playing the never-ending monopoly game of digital marketing.


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