Hire Caravans of ELIMINATOR Series- Explore the Unbeatable Off-road Expedition

Whether it is an off-road or on-road expedition, travelling on the right vehicle will leave you brimming with numerous memorable experiences. Many people believe that preparing for the exploration marks the first step towards a successful weekend trip or adventure. 

However, according to the avid globetrotters, sorting out the means of conveyance on which the journey is to be done reduces the stress by up to 70%. Surprising!

To make the dreams of these travellers come true, several agencies or companies are catering to conveyance services. According to one of the renowned explorers, “Australia is a vast land of which most of the area remains unexplored. In order to mark your presence at the first instance what one needs to have is a good means of communication”.

Caravans have stood out to be one of the most reliable means of conveyance for the people who wish to explore the deep countryside. This home on wheel comes out to be the perfect partner for the traveller during the exploration. 

According to one of the professionals from River Caravans, “The craze of caravans amongst the people has grown significantly. As of now, people are looking for caravans that are not only spacious and have all sorts of facilities but also lightweight to get the towing economical".

Like other companies, River Caravans, too, have popped out to be one of the most reliable and authentic service providers. The company runs a fleet of caravans that have come as handy for the adventurers.

Amidst all these fleets, the Eliminator Series stand out different from the others. The company has taken proper care of the needs/requirements of the people journeying over the next ten days.

Specifications that Make Eliminator Series Apple of the Eye

The Eliminator Series from River Caravans is one of the most popular ones amongst the people hiring caravans. The design and built-up not only make this comfortable but spacious as well. There are other reasons as well that make this particular caravan one of the most demanding ones—

Size and Facilities:

The very first thing that a person would look for while hiring a caravan is its size. The designers have done pretty well to ensure that the size of the caravan does not exceed 207 inches. This does not mean that the manufacturers have curtailed a significant part of the luxury. The caravan still has features like Cruise Master Suspension, Control Rider and 16” wheels.

The ‘Kingly’ Interior:

The Eliminator Series of caravans at River Caravans would make a person feel like features. The designers and manufacturers have left no stone unturned when it comes to giving the interior a luxury look.

Right from Queen Sized Island Bed to microwave, water filter, smoke detectors, it marks the perfect space of luxury during the trip.

Every care has been taken for the storage as well. Therefore, provision of underfloor storage is provided.

The ‘Splendid’ Exterior:

Special care has been taken to make the exterior stunning. With a digital antenna, BBQ Bayonet fitting. Lockable water filter, solar panels, full front boot are some of the USPs, making it one of the most demanding.

‘Jerk-free’ Riding Comfort:

Whether the roads or metalled or non-metalled, the reinforced 6” X 2” main and 6” X 2” A-frame make the journey jerk-free and smooth. The caravans of River Caravans have unique security features as well, making it one of the customer-friendly ones. 


Before hiring any of the caravans, it is necessary to look for the specifications. These should include both the safety and comfort traits.


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