Upscale your homes with freestanding bathtubs

Bathroom fixtures have evolved into something super stylish, elegant and luxurious. And, bathtubs have geared their way to be the focal point in your washroom. Freestanding bathtubs with wall hung toilets are much in the craze. These bathtubs appear more like a piece of royal furniture than a fixture. 

With little efforts, you can transform your plain bathroom to a fabulous and bold wash space. Most modern homes in posh areas have an extravagant bath space that is both regal and classy. Here are certain points that you should know if you want to perfectly design your bathroom. 

Make a splash in Freestanding bathtubs

Freestanding bathtubs are favoured and adored more than built-in tubs. Such tubs offer a wide array of qualities. Have a look at what makes this fixture a popular pick among homeowners.

Classified Look:

The most striking aspect of freestanding bathtubs is their classified look with a sleek and slim design. It gives you that Victorian vintage look. You can get a tub that makes way for full-body immersion. Also, it comes with a recliner to provide you with ultimate relaxation.

Another variant of these tubs are models with a sloping angle. You can pick this up if you don’t want full-body immersion. Whatever, the design you choose you are sure to experience a bathing treat. 

Preferably place them in the middle of the room and let the intricate style do the talking. You would simply not want to step out of the bathtub any time sooner.

Available in different shapes and sizes:

The freestanding bathtubs are available in different size and shapes. It comes in square, roll top, round, oval etc. For children, you can pick up a shallow tub. And, for enjoying a more relaxing bath choose a deeper tub.

Round shaped tubs are the best if you want some sleek and smooth curves into your washroom. Whereas, if you prefer a classical look try the rectangle-shaped ones. 

The best part of these tubs is that you can use it from all sides. And, that is why it has different angles to present you with an unprecedented view. Get ready to indulge in a lavish bath experience.

Comes in varied materials: 

Freestanding bathtubs are made with varied materials. They are available in wood, granite, acrylic, marble, cast iron or crystalline.

The price varies as per the materials you pick. Make sure you match the tub with the existing theme of your bathroom. For better styling match the tub with the additional parts such as showerheads, taps, enclosures, etc. 

Rejuvenate your bathroom with Freestanding bathtubs: 

Upscale your bathroom with freestanding bathtubs. A simple addition to the range of fixtures in your bathroom can renew the overall look of your bath space. However, there are a few things that you must keep in mind before buying the perfect bathtub.

  • Precisely measure the space required to set up the bathtub. The positioning of the tub plays a deciding role.
  • Consider the weight of the tub. A freestanding bathtub is usually heavier. 

Ensure to check the different price options for the best freestanding bathtub for your bathroom. Find the nearest bathroom ware store and explore their treasured collection. 


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