The Essential Supplies For Your Guest Bathroom

Properly stocking your guest bathroom is very important for your family and friends to feel comfortable when they are visiting you. To be a good hostess in Australia, you need to get ready with all bathroom supplies well in advance of their arrival. 

Some of the essential bathroom supplies needed for your guest bathroom include the following:

  • Toiletries – the guest bathroom vanity must be stocked with the necessary items for the short and long term guests and the supplies that they would be needing. These include items such as – cotton balls, cotton swabs, toothbrushes (stored in packages), toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner, shaving cream, face and body lotion, new razors and feminine products. A bar of good smelling hand soap can be added for a refreshing atmosphere.
  • Medicines – you may never know when your guests experience a headache or striking of an allergy attack. The guests may not feel comfortable and rather feel hesitant to ask you for medicines. Hence, keeping essential medicines such as – aspirin, antihistamine, heartburn medicines, ibuprofen, and bandages can be helpful.
  • Towels – do away with the threadbare towels and use the good ones for your guest. Select the thick and luxurious towels and place them in positions where they can easily find them to use. when you host a party for your friends and family, you should ensure that the towels are fresh and dry rather than wet and used.
  • Special extras – in order to boost your bathroom appearance as well as the facilities you provide, give your guests a spa-like experience with some extra bathroom goodies. These include – bath brushes, loofah, bath oils, pumice stones, sweet-smelling soaps for bubble baths, essential oils, shower caps, etc. 
  • New decor – Never let your guests experience a gloomy-looking bathroom that has old and faded shower curtains with mismatching towels and rugs. Select a   theme and go for stylish new curtains with a matching bath mat and rugs that feel and look appealing to the guests.
  • Trash can – it would be one of the worst experiences for your guests to keep hunting for a trash can in the bathroom and walking out of it carrying the trash in hand. Hence it is best to put a trash bin in clear visibility of your guests. 
  • Hamper – your guests shall often get confused about where to put used supplies in the bathroom. For example, they wouldn’t know what to do with the used towels after a shower. If you have space, then provide for a hamper or a basket to avoid their wanderings.
  • A pleasant odor – when your guests make an entry to the bathroom, they should feel relaxed and calm. Hence, it is important to set the mood and atmosphere with a great scent or fragrance by either using a candle, plug-in air freshener, reed diffuser or wax warmer. 
  • Flowers – fresh flowers are something that everyone likes around them. Choose and place a tiny pot of fresh flowers with a candle on the window sill in order to brighten the room.

These are some of the best bathroom Supplies which are easily available with the Bathroom Supplies company in Sydney.


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