What Is A Fire Extinguisher?

A fire extinguisher is a fire safety device that extinguishes or controls small fires in emergency situations. There are different types of fire extinguishers available in the market. You can choose the one according to your building type and the temperature of the location you live in. The most used fire extinguishers are portable or movable ones. 

If you are a business owner, or you have your own commercial space, it's really important to install a fire extinguisher in your workspace. A fire extinguisher will keep you and your employees safe in case of an unavoidable crisis. There are many suppliers in Sydney who supply fire extinguishers. You can get a quote from different fire extinguisher providers and choose the one with the best quote. There are also some providers who have fire extinguishers for sale. You can also look out for them.

Fire extinguisher services :

A fire extinguisher can save lives. But in order for it to be reliable in a fire emergency, it needs to be reachable as well as in a good working condition. For this, you need to get good and professional fire services. There are many professionals who provide fire services in Sydney and also work according to the latest standards. The fire services are-

 Installation :

The first thing that a fire extinguisher service provider does is, installing a fire extinguisher. Single or multiple fire extinguishers are installed according to the size of the building. Fire extinguishers are placed at different locations of the building. A large building needs multiple fire extinguishers. Commercial building or office space with multiple floors need fire extinguishers on all the floors. 

 Inspection :

The inspection of the fire extinguisher should be done at regular intervals or as needed. The fire extinguisher service provider will do the inspection and see if everything is ok. The main thing they check is the charging level. It is done by checking the seal on each fire extinguisher. If you have a commercial building, the owner of the building should note down every inspection. 

Maintenance :

Fire extinguishers need to be checked annually by professionals. Maintenance

of fire extinguisher is important to ensure your fire extinguisher is viable in case of a fire emergency. During the annual maintenance, the fire service inspector will look at each fire extinguisher in detail. The things that fire inspector checks are-

1. Bumps

2. Scratches

3. Accidental discharge

If there is an accidental discharge, it is refilled before being sealed and placed back. Find a fire service provider in Sydney who abides by all the standards.

Recharging :

A fire extinguisher also needs to serve throughout the year. Whether you use the fire extinguisher for a short duration or long, you need to recharge after every single use. After every use, it needs to be recharged with its extinguishing agents. A fire extinguisher service provider will do the refilling. They can do the refilling at your location or they can take the extinguisher and do the refilling at their place. Always find a fire service provider that can refill multiple extinguishers at the same time. 


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