Professional Carpet Cleaning Machine-what should you be on the lookout for?

With the increasing use of the professional carpet cleaning machine in residential areas, hospitals, offices, industries, etc, there has been a rapid development in the variety of carpet cleaning equipment which is being offered for sale. There exist a plethora of designs, types, colours models, and attachments available and the consumer is expected to choose judiciously from the range offered by several companies.

Ideally, consumers should be on the lookout for machines that are versatile, powerful, cost-effective and effectual. With the appropriate accessories, a professional carpet cleaning machine is expected to deliver exemplary results, worth the amount spent on the purchase of the machine, while also ensuring the durability of the carpets being cleaned.  

Features that should be present in a professional carpet cleaning machine

A consumer is naturally always inclined to derive maximum benefits from the use of carpet cleaning machines. In order to achieve this, it is imperative that before buying a professional carpet cleaning machine, they look into certain features that enhance the functioning of the machine while also ensuring cost-effectiveness and minimum power usage in the long-run. Thus, listed below are certain features that must always be present in a professional carpet cleaning machine:

1. Dual water tanks with separate valves for clean and dirty water.

2. Portability- the design should be such that the equipment can be easily moved from one place to another

3. On-board water-heater which helps to keep the water hot which, in turn, ensures that the solution is easily dissolved.

4. A spray trigger- which helps to monitor the volume of solution or water being used.

A professional carpet cleaning machine designed for commercial or industrial purpose is expected to have further developed features like greater suction capacity, faster drying time, higher pressure levels, etc.

Types of professional carpet cleaning machine

With the growing market for carpet cleaning machines, companies are competing to come up with new designs and tools used in the machines while also attempting to reduce the costs. Presently, there are several types of carpet cleaning machines available in the market and consumers are thus given the luxury to pick and choose from an array of machines. The most prominent among these are:

1. Steam-cleaners: These machines apply steam which is highly-pressurised to carpet fibres, thus dissolving the grime and dust, which is then extracted to a holding tank. In addition to steam, they also use a cleaning agent which loosens the dirt.

2. Foam-encapsulation machines: These machines apply a coating of chemical foam to the carpets that get crystallised around the grunge and once dry, they can be removed either by a standard vacuum cleaner or a brush.

3. Dry-carpet cleaning machines: These machines tend to use a counter-rotating brush that applies a cleaning compound on the carpets which removes the dirt. As the name suggests, these machines do not use any water.

Depending on their needs and budget, companies offer a wide selection of products to the end-users. It is up to the consumer’s sensibilities to make an informed choice and invest in a professional carpet cleaning machine that ensures optimal results and is worth the cost.  


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