Can SEO Have Negative Effects?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a rather booming industry in India. It has great potential to improve your business exponentially and result in high ROI. But it needs to be done in the right manner. One wrong step and all the business you have set up over the years can tumble down like a pile of cards.

SEO can be said to be a coin. As obvious as it sounds, it too, has two sides. These two sides are known as Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO. Let us know each of these in short:

Black Hat SEO: It is a form of SEO where a website uses means which are against the rules and regulations prescribed by the targeted Search Engine to get the ranking and traffic to the website. In short, Black Hat SEO means illegal SEO.

White Hat SEO: It is a form of SEO that complies with the rules and regulations laid down by the search engine to get the ranking.

The former will have more negative effects than the latter. So it is not much prevalent in any Search Engine Optimization firm in India. 

White Hat SEO, too, comes with a few after-effects. Let us have a look at them:

  1. Effects Of Algorithm Updates: This is a major factor resulting in a drastic drop in the rankings of the different keywords used on the website. This is a momentary drop but can cause confusion in the minds of the website owners and SEO Managers. This happens because when an algorithm update occurs, the crawler of the search engine has no idea if the website is as per the requirements of the algorithm. So it drops the rankings of the website till it crawls the web pages and checks the website. If the website is found to be as per the algorithm updates, the rankings return to the original positions, or may even improve than the previous rankings.
  2. Effects Of Changes In The Website: It is a common thing that many business owners set up their websites, but are unaware of SEO, due to which they do not get the desired rankings and traffic. When they approach a well trained and qualified SEO Expert, the issues in the website are found out by the SEO Experts, who in turn make the necessary changes to the website. This may be either adding, removing, hiding or even completely revamping the website structure. This again creates a drop in the web site rankings as the crawler has not yet crawled the newly changed web pages, to know if they comply with the SEO rules. If the new pages or the changes made comply with the SEO requirements, then the website’s rankings start an upward journey. This also leads to a big boom in the website traffic, leading to better ROI.
  3. Effects Of Small Mistakes: Often business owners, who do not have much idea about SEO, tend to completely refer to the competitor sites. In this process, they simply copy most of the contents present on the website of their competitors. Thus the website contains plagiarized content, which is a big negative factor in the SEO rankings. The content must be 100% unique and original, keyword-rich and related to the business. If not, the rankings suffer a big downfall. 
  4. Effects Of Bad Links: There are a number of strategies used by website owners to get backlinks and website traffic to their website. This involves submissions of the links to the different sites related to the business. But unaware of this, most of the novice SEO executives and website owners submit their links to the sites that are in no way related to their business. This results in the creation of spammy links to the pages. When users follow this link and find that the website has no relevance to the blog, article, or site where the link was submitted, they tend to come out of the page, resulting in increased bounce rates. This is another major negative effect of incorrect SEO strategies.

As observed in the above-mentioned points, most of the negative effects occur n=in SEO due to one big factor. It is a lack of knowledge. Most of the people use DIY methods blindly to try to bring their websites to the top of the search results. It is a risk as big as shooting an arrow in the dark, with your eyes blindfolded. If it reaches the target, then it is sheer luck. Or else, a big loss. So it is always a smart and safe solution to hire an SEO Expert in Mumbai for your website and ranking requirements.


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