Roles and responsibilities of General Practitioners

The General practitioners also know as GP- are kind of a “know it all doctor” and are often the first point of contact by the patients. They treat acute and chronic illnesses and also provide preventive care to patients. Newington has some of the best professionals and experienced GP. 

GP’s are versatile, they have knowledge of a wide range of skills. Therefore they can treat patients with any health problem, of any age and sex. If you are residing in Newington and are seeking medical care, consult a GP first. If the patient develops a serious condition than the GP may refer him/her to a specialist. The GP in Newington either has a private clinic or work in medical centres.  

Role of GP-

They have the widest range of roles among all medical care providers. 

  • GP is often available in emergency unit of medical centers. Some of their work includes providing consultation to patients, the delivery of babies, community hospital care, and performing low complexity surgical procedures. 
  • Due to their wide knowledge of medical conditions they can easily assess any medical problem and can also determine the treatment for it.
  • Until a patient doesn’t need any specialist, the GP can provide medical care for the long term for any kind of illness.
  • They not only provide proper health treatment but also educate their patients about proper health maintenance. They not only treat patients but can also prevent their illness. 
  • They also consider the biological, psychological, social factors relevant to the care of each patient's illness.
  • When they think that a particular patient needs further assistance, they refer him/her to a specialist.
  • If a patient is an elderly or an infant and can not come to the hospital, the GP can also conduct a home visit for them. They consider it as their part of the duty.

Qualities of GP-

General practitioners possess come qualities that help them become more efficient in their role. Such as-

  • GP takes very good care of their patients and also supports their family friends by giving them the proper knowledge of the patient's illness.
  • With roles and responsibilities come limitations and a GP is very well aware of both. 
  • If they can not treat an illness, they can also seek the help of a specialist and work with him.
  • Since they are the first point of contact, they pay a lot of attention to details. 
  • They are committed to keeping themselves up to date with the latest treatments.
  • They continuously work on improving their skills to provide better treatment and care to their patients. 

With the adulterated food in the market, the polluted air, many people suffer from one medical condition or other. It's always a good option to get yourself regularly checked. A regular medical check-up will keep you at bay from serious medical conditions and will also give you a check of your body well being. It's really important to have a good GP whom you can trust. You can search online or seek your friends or relatives advice on which GP is best in Newington.


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