Anti-slip Solution For Tiles- an investment in your safety!

Slippery floors are the cause of numerous falls and injuries, be it at home or workplaces. And it does not matter the type of floor you have. Even when mats are used, people will still be at risk. They do not provide the traction required. Of all the flooring, tiles are the most prone to slippery. The slippery tiles remedy is applying anti-slip solutions on tiles. 

For each type of slippery floor, be it marble, granite, or tile, a unique solution has to be used to create an anti-slip effect. It is known that every tile has a porous structure. The anti-slip composition, falling on the surface of the floor, interacts with the surface of the stone and micro-pores open in it. Fats, water, and air are displaced, and as a result, a vacuum is created, which creates an anti-slip effect. According to statistics, per 1 sq. Cm. About 20,000 micro-suckers are created. As a result, any wet floor ceases to slip.

The anti-slip solution for tiles is not picky in care but should be applied as high as possible when processing the floor. Poor application of the product may be fraught with the absence of the effect of sliding friction.

Stages of applying anti-slip solutions:

  • Preparing the coating for processing
  • High-quality cleaning of contaminants of any kind. Drying of the coating after cleaning from contamination.

Applying the composition to the surface of the floor covering

Distribution of anti-slip solution on the surface (performed as evenly as possible, according to the instructions, with strict regard to time indicators).

After the final drying of the product, the floor is washed and dried repeatedly until it completely dries, after which it becomes available for use.

The purpose of anti-slip tile solutions is to increase the coefficient of sliding friction on the floor. It can be in areas like public saunas and showers, pools, and many others.

For any tile flooring, the maximum degree of anti-slip, which is the best remedy for slippery tiles, is provided. Be it on oily, wet, dirty, and dry floors. As a result, the coefficient of sliding friction increases by 3-8 times.

The anti-slip tile solution persists in all weather conditions - in rain, heat, dry weather and frost. It is used in any external and internal rooms with problem areas. Starting from the interior zones and ending with ramps and entrance areas.

When looking for an anti-slip solution, know the wear resistance of the solution. This determines the ability of a tile to resist abrasion — also, the degree of frost resistance. For cold regions, especially when frosts alternate with a thaw, you need to choose a tile solution marked as a snowflake. This indicates the resistance of the material to temperature fluctuations. As a rule, these are products with low porosity.

Slippery floors in an enterprise, institution, or organization can cause many household injuries, as well as create significant problems and inconveniences when it is snowing or raining outside. At the same time, these inconveniences can easily be avoided by covering the floor with a special anti-slip coating.


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