All You Would Want To Know About A Timber Entertainment Unit

Interior decoration over the years has transformed a lot. New designs and use of various materials has brought a very different outlook to interior decoration and it is changing every year. But the living room has stayed as an integral part of the interior decoration, always. Because the living room creates an initial impression on the guests, so you should keep the decoration fresh and suited to your personality. Now in terms of the design layout a timber entertainment unit can be used as the focal point.

Entertainment units these days come in different sizes, colours, and materials but the use of wood in any furniture always has an aesthetic appeal. Apart from its appeal a timber entertainment unit has some actual benefits too.


There aren’t many materials that can match the durability of a timber. These units will last for a long time and with a little maintenance, they will look new, year after year. Also, the reliable factor of a timber product is certainly proven.

Corrosion resistant

A good thing about timber is that it won’t catch rust like some other materials. Because of the natural dense and compact properties, timbers are not prone to corrosion. It may lose colour but it is only a polish away from getting it back.

Insect repellent

Hardwoods like mahogany, oak, and teak they have a natural aroma which will keep the insects away. You will not find this benefit in any other material.


A big benefit of a timber entertainment unit is that they are very easy to maintain. Just clear the surface with a soft cloth regularly, occasionally use a little soap and a good polish in every 2-3 years will keep it new and long-lasting.


This is probably the biggest point of choosing a timber entertainment unit. You cannot go wrong with this choice because a timber product is suitable for any design language. It doesn’t matter whether you give your living room a modern look or a classic look, a timber entertainment unit will fit anywhere. Other than that a timber product as the focal point will always bring the design together as it blends in well with the other furniture.


The variety that timber offers cannot be matched by other materials. You can choose from timbers like oak, Blackwood, jarrah, walnut, mahogany, teak and many others. All of these woods have their own strengths, so depending on your budget you can make your decision. Also, with timber, you have the option of building a unit as per your requirement. You can call your carpenter to your home and convey to him what exactly you have in mind, starting from size to the colour of the polish.

Environmental reason

This may sound a bit strange but a timber entertainment unit has the credibility to keep the temperature of your room to a moderate level. Because wood doesn’t absorb heat or cold they are actually good for indoor furniture.

A timber entertainment unit may cost you a bit more upfront than other cheaper alternatives but if you think carefully with that extra money you are taking home some great benefits. So, consider this as an investment that will pay dividends in the long run.


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