Why Do You Need To Keep Fire Blankets At Home?

Fire blankets are very useful for putting out small fires. Generally, fire blankets are used in homes if any accident occurs. These are specially made blankets that would not burn in fire and will help in dousing off the fire in the kitchen or garage. Every home should have one or two fire blankets for safety purpose. Most of the times, it becomes impossible to have enough water supplies to douse off the fire. This is where the blankets come in very handy. Electrical short circuit may cause a sudden fire at home. Fire blankets can help you deal with the situation immediately without informing the fire station. That is why you would need to buy fire blanket for your home. 

How do you use these blankets?

These specially made blankets are used for controlling fire caused by oil and grease. So it can be in your kitchen or garage where you would need to use these blankets. Thus, keeping one or two blankets in the kitchen and garage can save your house. The technology behind the use of these blankets is to cut off the supply of oxygen for the fire. This stops the fire from spreading elsewhere. Since they are composed of non-flammable, there is no risk of them catching fire. 

If the fire is caused by grease or oil then one may use water to control it. However, for fire caused by electrical wiring should be tended with water, but fire blankets. These blankets do not require any maintenance can just be stored away in a dry place. In case of a fire, all you would need to do is cover it with the blanket until it is doused off completely. 

What are these blankets made of?

The latest technology uses fibers and synthetic fiberglass to make these blankets. Synthetic fiberglass does not melt and is good protection against fire and thus it makes the blanket fireproof. These blankets also consist of an anti-sticking substance that does not let the blanket stick to the body or clothing. So if someone catches fire, just wrap them with this blanket until it is doused off. After every use, you would need to let the blanket cool off for half an hour before storing it away for future use. These are very convenient to put off a small fire. The latest technology has ensured the fact that these fire blankets can be reused several times. Thus it is also a cost-effective option. 

Where can get these fire blankets?

To buy fire blanket you do not need to worry much. In most cases, fire blankets are available at hardware stores. However, it is always convenient to buy fir blanket online. You can choose from different options and sizes. 


Fire at home can be caused by various accidents. So, keeping yourself prepared with the right kind of gadgets becomes not only helpful but lifesaving. Make sure you buy fire blanket from a recognized vendor for the guarantee of the highest quality. 


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