Is Solid Timber Furniture Durable Enough To Last A Decade?

Durability is always the major concern during the purchase of furniture as it is expensive and everyone considers it as a one-time investment. Walnut, Oak, and Timber are some of the quality choices. You can easily buy furniture made up of these woods but are you satisfied with ease? Well, the chances are that you will look for durable Handcrafted Timber Furniture which is cost-effective and doesn’t affect your pocket too much. 

To answer this question, you can look for a designer because they can provide some of the impressive details about it as well as the benefit. Timber is used in most of the luxury villas, and it is known for the best quality. But. is it really good enough to fulfill your need? Can you trust solid timber furniture in terms of longer use? 

Let's check out some of them, and then you decide which one is better:

1. Smooth Texture:

Every wood type has a different texture, and you can easily see the difference between all the types. Timber has a unique texture that will fulfill the need in various manners. The solid timber furniture with smooth texture tends to last longer than others. It will easily enhance your home décor for more than three decades, but you have to care for it.

2. Different Quality Choices:

Despite the expensive image of timber around the world, you can't say that it isn't affordable. There are many types of quality, and you can choose the one which suits your need. The difference is in the cost as well as in density. Lower density will reduce life, but it doesn't mean that you can't expect a decade. The lowest quality of timber wood will last for one decade easily that's why you should buy solid timber furniture instead of any other. 

3. Doesn’t absorb too much moisture:

As a tree dies, the wood starts absorbing the nearby moisture and then leave it in the air after a little time. Almost every tree would absorb moisture, but if you consider it for timber, you will be shocked for sure. There is not a single chance that it will shrink after losing the moisture. It absorbs 10% of the total weight of wood and then shrinks very little. It doesn't cause any harm to wood; that's why it is also the lightest type that's why handcrafted timber furniture is pretty reliable. 

4. Less Maintenance: 

Maintenance is the biggest issue always, and if you are not focusing on it, then you can end up getting into various issues in the future. Due to this particular reason, you can expect that handcrafted timber furniture as a better choice for lower maintenance. You won't have to add any layer of primer in the future. The existing layer is enough to fulfil the need that's why you can go well with the selection of this one as compared to the other types available in the market.


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