Types Of Garage Doors


Cars and Motor Vehicles are important commodities to have in today’s world. With busy day today schedules involving a lot of travel, it becomes uncomfortable for someone to carry out their entire journey on public transport. This is why it becomes necessary for them to have their own personal cars. Moreover, in order to store these vehicles, garages need to be available. With physical space being limited and becoming smaller day to day for every other person, it is necessary to make the garage as compact as possible. To find the best garage door installers in Sydney, citizens have lots of options. Most garage doors open in such a way which requires the cars to be at a distance from them while they are opening. This results in a lot of physical space being wasted. With new modern methods, garage doors have become more efficient in reducing this problem and new types of garage doors are being made every day. 

Types of Doors:

These garage doors come in different sizes and types depending on their use and storage capacity of the garages. They are made from a variety of materials such as glass, metals, wood, etc, The various types of garage doors are given below.

Tilt-up Canopy Garage Doors

These doors are made up of a single piece of solid metal which have a pivoting mechanism. When opening, the door tilts up form the pivot and lets the car move in or out of the garage. The major disadvantage of this garage door is that the car needs to be at a distance from the door while entering the garage. 

Tilt-up Retractable Garage Doors- 

Similar to the previous one, this too is made up of a single solid metal piece. The only difference is that this door does no tilt in front of the door, rather it retracts back into the ceiling of the garage. This requires the garage ceiling to be big enough to fit the door. The advantage of this over the previous type is that it does not require the car to be at a distance from the door while opening.

Roll Up Garage Doors-

These are formed from metal slats which roll into a cylindrical drum placed above the door while opening. These are very common and are generally made from metal which resists corrosion and rusting.

Slide to Side Garage Doors- 

These doors fold and slide towards the side of the garage while opening. These were originally made for garages which had small ceilings unable to install retractable doors.

Sectional Garage Doors-

These are the most popular doors being used today. They are made up of sections which bend and slide into the ceiling while opening which makes use of little space available. They are held up by a pair of springs able to bear high tension and cables which help in opening and closing of the door.


Thus, with a variety of options to choose from, garage doors have a versatile nature with customers choosing the option suited best for them.


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