4 Ways To Select The Right Sealant For Your Concrete Driveway

Concrete driveways are something that is a part of most modern houses as lawns cannot be destroyed when you need to bring in and take out your car often. While it helps in creating a separate pathway, it also distinctly separates the garden while adding to the overall appearance and boosting the aesthetics. 

When you have laid concrete driveways in Sydney, there is also the need for effective maintenance from time to time. Removal of leaf litter, debris, caked dust and dirt from car tyres, removal of oil from car leaks and much more is needed when it comes to maintaining concrete pathways. 

While not always can you protect it from damage especially when it is porous, you can always opt for sealants that cover the surface of concrete driveways in Sydney for a very long time this preventing damage. 

There are different types of sealants available and here is how you pick the right one:

1. Resistant to slips and accidents: 

This is something that should be paid attention to especially for the rainy season. Driving a car on a wet concrete surface can lead to skidding and hydroplaning in the worst cases. To prevent accidents caused at such times, applying sealants that have a gradient and isn’t as smooth allows friction and a grip to the car when driven in the driveway. The same goes for walking or running on it as well during the rains and is dangerous for kids and pets.

2. The gloss level of the sealant:

While there are different types of gloss levels as that of matte, semi-gloss sealants and high-gloss sealants for concrete driveways in Sydney. If you focus on aesthetics more, then high gloss ones are the right option, but that is something that can also distract the driver, especially when it sunny outdoors. Therefore, opting for the matte ones doesn’t show that you have applied a sealant, but in reality, there is something down there protecting the driveway well. 

3. The level of usage:

If you tend to reach your door through the driveway all the time and the same goes for your family too, there is the need for you to maintain everything and keep them just the way it is. With more foot traffic of probably frantic in and out of the garage, there is a lot of usages involved on the concrete pathways in Sydney. When you are using a sealant to protect the concrete driveway, you need to ensure that you have purchased a heavy-duty one that can withstand foot traffic and pressure coming from the car. 

4. How would it protect your driveway?

Simply preventing skids or probably reducing the gloss of the concrete pathways in Sydney cannot be the only factors. You need to know that other issues as that of hot tyres, UV protection, effects of the sun and rain, etc. can be taken care of with protective sealants that are heavy-duty and can withstand the changing weather condition. Whether it is too hot or too cold, the sealants shouldn’t melt or freeze and stay in place, protecting your home well.    


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