5 Easy Ways To Clean And Maintain A Cemetery Monument

Any individual or a family as a whole that gets involved in erecting a memorial or a cemetery monument does so to honour their loved ones just so that there is a mark left in history. While monuments are erected in different styles, it is generally the use of marble and granite that allows better longevity as well as the aesthetics. 

While it is generally the task of the cemetery authorities to clean and maintain the headstone monuments, cleaning them yourself can do wonders too. While there are multiple factors as that of bird poop, pollution, moisture, salt damage, etc. that soils monuments, not attending them regularly can lead to permanent damage. 

Mostly because granite, as well as marble, is porous in nature, there are high chances of permanent damage and staining. Here are a few tips to help you clean up monuments with ease. 

Use a brush to remove loose debris

The most common form of dirt that a grave headstone encounters is the loose debris of plants and trees around. Dead leaves, twigs, and branches make way on the monument. Being in a single place for long leads to leaf staining, and that is the reason why there is a need for occasional brushing where all of the loose debris and dirt is removed. 

Rinsing it with running water 

When it comes to cleaning stains or even removing organisms as that of mould, fungi, lichens, etc. rinsing is one of the foremost things to do. When running water is sprayed on the surface, there is a lot of dirt that is removed without having to touch it further. Unless there is a need for cleaning liquids, avoid its use. 

Removing tough stains

This is when cleaning detergents come to the picture. Tough stains that are a result of not cleaning the monument surface for a very long time. Leaf stains, stains left behind by algae, mould, and fungi are difficult to remove. That is when a cleaning detergent comes to the picture. There is a need to use it in moderate quantities and not pollute the soil around the cost headstones in Sydney. 

Using a bristle to scrub 

Despite using running water or detergent to clean the surface, there are stubborn stains that like to stay behind. Using a soft-bristled brush to scrub the area will clean up stains, remove any caked dirt from the surface as well as prevent the detergent from settling on the surface of the headstone monuments.

Repainting the inscriptions

There are times when the cleaning process is harsh on the paint on the inscriptions. That is when you can always make it a DIY task and repaint it. Due to the headstone prices, a beautifully painted and decorated monument is something that is aesthetically appealing and is in the loving memory of someone special. 

Allowing professionals to clean up space too brings about great results as they specialize in such cleaning and know what it takes to maintain the quality of marble or granite used for the monument.


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