Here are 5 benefits of installing timber flooring in Glenhaven

There are several reasons why timber flooring can prove to be ideal. It is one of the oldest forms of flooring in Australia, yet, none of the modern alternatives can match up to its popularity.  Whether you are re-designing your home or building it from scratch, Timber flooring is perfect for your Glenhaven property. Believe it or not, you can find a huge array of styles and can create simple or elaborate flooring patterns when you opt for timber flooring in Glenhaven. Yes, choosing the right flooring for your home is a daunting task, which is why you must refer to timber flooring contractors and in Glenhaven and get to know their opinion. 

It improves the aesthetics of the space

It for a fact, that the right kind of flooring can improve the overall ambience of the house. Wooden floors contribute heavily to making your living space comfortable and inviting. It has an aesthetic appeal, which lends a very Victorian elegance to space. However, do not think that this kind of flooring will make the surroundings look archaic, in fact, timber flooring is absolutely timeless. Yes, wooden flooring is towards the more expensive side, but it appreciates the value of your property to a few notches. Most brokers in Glenhaven will agree that timber flooring is always an advantage when you want to sell your property. In fact, the escalation in the property’s price will outweigh the cost of installation of the flooring. 

Timber flooring for commercial properties

Timber flooring is not just for household properties in Glenhaven, but they are perfect for commercial properties like hospitals, schools, galleries, restaurants, eateries, hotels, stores, etc. This kind of flooring has a timeless sophistication, which is rare in other alternatives. If you opt for it, then people will certainly be in awe of your fine taste. 

It is very practical

Apart from that, timber flooring is a very practical option for your property in Glenhaven, because it does not require regular vacuuming like carpeting, in fact, it resists stains, foul odours and look as good as new over the years. Yes, you may require some sanding and polishing every 10 to 15 years, but the end result will surprise you. Plus, if at all any of the wooden boards are damaged, you can get them replaced easily, rather than changing the whole flooring. 

It can withstand shocks

Timber flooring is perfect for your home in Glenhaven because it can withstand a strong shock. Therefore, is it less susceptible to loosening, breaking or for that matter splitting? It provides the interiors with excellent acoustics and does not produce vibrations or any other form of hollow sounds. It is resistant to moisture, fungus and withstands regular wear and tear much better than other flooring alternatives.

Owing to their timeless appeal, you can easily sell the wood from the flooring years after its installation for a good price. Oakwood is like old wine and gets better over the years, so you can get a handsome price for it. Plus, it is environment-friendly. 


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