An Informative Guide On The Yellow Card Traffic Control Training.

The yellow card traffic control license, also known as the scissor lift license is developed by EWPA in consultation with the industry and the members of this association to assist the employers, operators, manufacturers, and equipment owners to comply with the WHS/OHS & regulation. This card offers evidence that the operators of some particular EWP types have been trained in the safe use of the type of work platform. After completing this training, the users, employers and the suppliers have documented evidence of the training that they have received. 

Course details and course content:

The yellow card training online is meant for people who want to or who have to develop the knowledge and skills necessary for operating elevating work platforms. Here the participants have to complete multiple or singular machine classes as per the type of job that they would be undertaking later. The details of the machine classes include:

  1. Scissor Lift (SL)
  2. Vertical Lift (VL)
  3. Trailer Mounted Boom (TL)
  4. Self-Propelled Boom (BL)
  5. Truck-Mounted Boom (TM)

Now let’s have a look at the yellow card training online course content details:

  • Planning and preparing for operating the elevated work platforms under 11 meters
  • Performing operator maintenance
  • Operating scissor lifts
  • Understanding the operational processes
  • Checking and assessing the operational capabilities of different equipment
  • Conducting different work activities from the elevating work platform
  • Identifying and assessing the risks and hazards associated with the operation
  • Assessing, interpreting and applying technical details related to planning and operating different pieces of equipment
  • Cleaning up


After completing the theory and practical assessment of this course successfully, the record of training of the participants will be processed by EWPA. The participants would get the temporary license numbers immediately so that they can operate the machines right away. And therefore the participants would receive the EWP Operator Licenses in the form of yellow cards with the photographs and the proof of yellow card traffic control training on the cards within 2 weeks.

Eligibility to take this course:

  1. The participants need to be 18 years old or they should be at least 17 years of age to participate in this course
  2. The participants must have basic Math and English skills ( to be able to interpret and identify the signs of the workplace and apply to the course material)
  3. The participants should have the Unique Student Identifier or USI
  4. The participants must bring some photo identifications on the training days
  5. The participants should wear the right type of Personal Protective Equipment during the yellow card traffic control training.

Things that the participants need to bring during the training:

While taking part in the yellow card training, the participants need to bring the appropriate type of Personal Protective Equipment like:

  • Workwear (Hi-Vis in case the participant has it)
  • Safety boots or shoes with steel cap
  • Long pants
  • Non-tinted safety glasses
  • A broad-brimmed sun hat
  • Safety hardhat (optional) 


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