A Quick Discourse On Teeth Grinding And Its Problems

Everyone, at some time or the other, has suffered from teeth grinding or bruxism as it is referred to as by dentists. Some do it when they are a child while some develop the habit as an adult. While it is something done while you are asleep, no one has much control over it and continues to do so unknowingly. 

Not all children would be able to find out if they grind their teeth unless their parents find out. Adults can witness a mild and lingering headache in the morning, along with painful jaws. These are the basic indicators for teeth grinding which need expert attention the moment you realise it. 

While some say that it is just a phase where sleep apnoea, stress, and anxiety leads to such issues, it isn’t always short-lived. Dentists for treating sleep apnoea in Sutherland Shire state the other problems that come up with teeth grinding. 

Your enamel starts to wear off

Constant grinding of teeth allows the enamel to wear off. This increases sensitivity for the teeth while also making way for broken teeth, especially when you chew on something hard.  Damaged teeth lead to cavities and eventually, tooth extraction for no fault of yours. 

Jaw aches

When you grind your teeth constantly with no one to monitor you, you tend to be a victim of frequent jaw aches. This eventually leads to jaw joint stiffness, which tends to be extremely painful in the long run. This sometimes leads to earaches and lingering headaches that are often suppressed by pain killers. 

How can you control teeth grinding?

While some say that it goes away in no time and is just a phase, while for some, it becomes a kind of permanent thing. Reasons as that of stress, anxiety, misaligned teeth, pulling jaw muscles, sleep apnoea, etc. lead to teeth grinding and treating it almost immediately is what dentists for treating sleep apnoea in Sutherland Shire recommend. 

When it concerns controlling the teeth grinding, here is what that can be done. 

Avoid consuming coffee, alcohol or even caffeine as the effect of these on the brain can lead to teeth grinding. 

Avoid chewing gums or even gnawing on pens and pencils. The habit of chewing and clenching onto something all the time stays at night too. 

Meditate or listen to soothing music before bedtime to reduce stress

Massage the jaw muscles or hold a warm towel under the ears to relax the jaws

Consider drinking plenty of water as there are times when a dehydrated body stays to reach through teeth grinding. 

If the problem is severe, consider using a night guard that is to be placed in the mouth at night that separates the jaws. 

Visit a dentist that specialises with teeth grinding and dental crowns in Sutherland Shire

How would a dentist help?

While dentists helping with dental crowns in Sutherland Shire are known first to understand the level of problem that is being faced by the teeth. Inspecting the teeth, checking the jaws and understanding the level of pain, knowing about one’s lifestyle which would include their daily activities, knowing the food that the patient consumes, etc. is what a dentist would check before coming up with a permanent solution.


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