Features Of Rope And Rigging

rope and rigging
rope and rigging

Rope access work and Rigging work is often regarded as all the same. But there are major differences between the two of them. However, they are meant for all the same reasons. Both types of work are essential in construction sites in order to complete jobs at a height. We are going to talk about features of rope and rigging collectively and also draw the differences to have a better understanding of both aspects:- 

  1. Needed At Height 

Rope and rigging would work effectively at heights. When you have to push down something or pull up certain material, both these methods will prove to be effective. You have to ensure that full efficiency is attained while doing construction work at height. It is easier to carry the material with the help of rope access work. The same can be said about rigging as well. Installation of large plant equipment or removal of large debris from workspaces is possible with the help of rope and rigging. You just have to make sure that you choose efficient people to do the job.

  1. Demolishing A Structure 

If you need to demolish a structure, rigging work would have to be done. Rope access work might be needed here as well. As you might know, rope access work is a form of work positioning. Hence, rope and rigging would both be required in this case as well. When you have to demolish a really tall structure, it is important that a technician is suspended to a great height and then the job is done. With the technology getting better, demolishing a structure doesn't really take much time as long as you have properly used the technique of rope and rigging. 

  1. Safety 

Here's where you are going to see a major difference between rope and rigging. The safety components are not executed to the maximum extent in rigging work. There are only a few measures taken in order to prevent the damage if someone falls from a height. Rope access work is safer for sure. So when you have to do rigging work at a height, you need to take the help of rope access for sure. When a licensed technician does both works, it would be easier to maintain safety. 

  1. License 

A license is needed for both kinds of work. But the scope of rope access work is larger when we compare rope and rigging. There are cases where rope access workers and licensed riggers are as well. It is due to the fact that both jobs need to be done at a height on a construction site. They are both complementary to each other. If a technician knows both the jobs, it would be easier to do the tasks. If more workers are licensed rope access workers as well as riggers, it would take a lesser amount of time for an organisation to complete the construction work. 

So if you're looking for technicians or a couple on a construction site, you should try to see if they can perform the task of rope and rigging nicely or not. It will pave the way for better execution of the construction process! 


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