No Parking Line Marking: Things You Must Know

Painting parking lines is not an easy task. You should remember a few things. First and foremost, the lines must be clear and distinct. People must be able to see those lines from a distance. Secondly, these lines must be durable and must be able to withstand weather disturbances. Thirdly, choosing the right kind of stencils for parking lot markings, no parking line marking, etc is very important.

If there aren’t any no parking line markings available, people will park anywhere and everywhere. It will be impossible to control the traffic route, manage pedestrian traffic, or move about a particular place. This increases the chances of people getting boxed in and unable to move out. It also increases the chances of accidents and damage to vehicles. A well-marked and properly painted parking lot ensures that parking traffic is properly managed and vehicles can move in and out with ease. Accidents are minimised. This is ideal for places like restaurants, hospitals, offices, shopping malls, etc which encounter heavy traffic. It reduces the workload of parking administrators and allows pedestrians to move about with absolute ease.

Things you should keep in mind while carving out no parking line marking:

Clean out the surface: while getting the area ready for making no parking line marking, clean out the area. Get rid of small stones and all other forms of debris with the use of water. Once you get rid of the tough stains, you can ensure that the paint will stay on for a much longer period of time.

Take care of all cracks and holes: This is done to ensure that no water gets under the surface as water weakens asphalt easily. Fill or seal the top of all cracks and holes before making the no parking line marking.

We need to remember the instances when no parking line marking is needed. They are usually painted in areas meant for pedestrians, areas meant for cars and vehicles to move about. No parking line marking around schools is essential as it gives safe pickup and drop off opportunities and makes sure children can cross the road with ease and safety.

No parking line marking is also essential in areas that are under construction or renovation in buildings, hospitals, shopping malls, etc. This is done to ensure that people don’t disrupt areas which are being renovated and which should be left for workers to navigate.

No parking line marking is carved out in areas where high traffic flow would possess a hazard to people. This is, needless to say, the basic reason for all parking restrictions. Usually, no parking line marking is double stripes in yellow, with “no parking” clearly written. However, this isn’t the general rule. One must always look out for these signs while parking and not park in areas that have the aforementioned sign.


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