Five standard cosmetic dental procedures you must know

Dental procedures are standard in every age group. Though no one likes to visit a dentist, there are different types of functions available. Modern science and technology have developed in many ways forming various techniques for the patients to get better results. 

Dental treatments are not limited to cavity filling and root canals. Modern dentistry has enabled orthodontists to provide cosmetic treatment to enhance the smiles of their patients. 

Any dentist in Lakemba will suggest you effective cosmetic treatments to get better results for your dental requirement. 

Cosmetic dentistry is standard as it provides seamless results to the patients to fulfil their requirements. It is also essential to understand that cosmetic procedures are not limited to a public figure. Anyone can get them done to get the million-dollar smile of their choice. 

To understand it better, here are a few standard cosmetic dental procedures you must know 

Inlays and Onlays 

These treatments are similar to filling your dental cavity. However, here the materials used are different from your traditional materials as they used products that provide better support to your chipped or damaged tooth. If the decay or damage is extensive, you can get an onlay to cover the entire damaged tooth. It will give you an excellent new look and will mimic the look of your natural teeth. It will be seamless, and laboratory designed inlays and Onlays will provide you with a better result. 

Both inlays and Onlays are created using porcelain, gold or resin. It gives you the necessary support for the bite. They can also restore the shape of your natural teeth and remove every sign of damage. 

Composite bonding 

For chipped or discoloured tooth your dentist from Lakemba will suggest you this particular procedure. It is used to handle the chipping of the teeth. The dentist will start by drilling the decayed portions of your teeth, then add composite you the area. Once the dentist is done shaping your teeth, a high-intensity light will be exposed to your teeth to ensure that the composite sits firmly and stays for a longer time. 

Dental veneers 

these veneers can be used to mimic the natural look of one’s teeth. Crooked teeth or dental gaps can be filled using masks. Can repair a  chipped tooth by using dental veneers. It helps in smile corrections and resolves many issues simultaneously to ensure satisfying results. 

Teeth whitening 

The discolouration and uneven tone of teeth can be bothersome for many. Contrary to the belief, teeth do not have a natural white colour; however, one can achieve it. This procedure includes protecting gums with covers followed by adding bleaching materials on teeth. Must do this once all your dental treatments are complete and food is cleaned out from your teeth. Over the years, teeth can develop discolouration as a result of food, drinks and medication. This whitening can reverse the process. 


Dentures are oh so vintage! Modern dentistry offers implants where an imitation of your natural tooth is created in a laboratory to fit your jaw. It will give you a perfect and natural-looking smile. These implants are safe and have worked for decades. Any dentist will suggest you this safe procedure to recreate your lost teeth. 


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