Emergency & Exit Light: Types and Benefits

Emergency & exit lighting is nothing new to us. For years these guiding lights have been around to assist in emergencies or unexpected blackouts. These lights are beneficial to get directions and will ensure the safety of everyone. 

Essentially emergency & exit lighting is not considered anything substantial; however, during commotions and hazardous situations, these emergency & exit lighting can be a lifesaver to find directions. 

From movie theatres to industrial places, such lighting can be beneficial. It is beneficial to understand how and why emergency and exit lighting can be used. Though the concept of how much lighting is functional, simple enough to understand, different types are relevant to different situations. If we know these types and their functions, it will enable us to make intelligent decisions. 

Made with LED lights and metal frames, these emergency & exit lightings are a lifesaver, and only those who have been in such disastrous situations know the vitality of that neon light showcasing exit. 

Types of Emergency & Exit Lighting 

  • Edge-Lit 

These are recognised by how they illuminate the surface. In this particular emergency & exit lighting, the sign is illuminated from the background, which essentially makes it disappear, leaving the word highlighted and easy to recognise. 

These signs are common because LED lights are used, and the signs are lit from behind in the background. From houses to cafés, these signs can be helpful. This is one of the traditional types of signs. 

  • Swinging exit 

These Emergency & Exit lighting signs are hanged. They swing as the name suggest from hinges and are easy to recognise. They can be suspended from the ceiling and are super easy to spot. The low ceiling and high traffic areas can make effective use of such emergency & exit lighting. 

  • Exit sign and Emergency light combination

These are simple signs with emergency lights on both sides as it is the traditional sign with emergency light that ensures versatility of the tool while being purposeful. It creates better assistance in emergencies. The exit is visible, and emergency lights accompanying it can easily showcase the exit while helping with the dark rooms. This is effective in various places like companies and hospitals. These signs are famous for their multi-functionality, and the simple design makes them accessible for everyone. 

Also, this emergency & exit lighting saves space as there’s no need for additional lighting to help during an emergency. 

  • Recessed wall sign 

A recessed wall sign can be ideal if you have a small space to install a sign or fit a sign in a limited area.  It is minimalistic and straightforward. The electric components are tucked in, and minor signs do not take space. The USP of these signs is that none of these compact features hampers their functionality. 

The design options when it comes to emergency & exit signs are endless. Also, you need to understand with modern designs; you have unlimited opportunities. Hence it won’t ruin your theme while providing safety and security. It is essential to have emergency & exit lighting near fire exits or emergency exits. You can choose 


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